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What do you drink?

Sorry not much use as i have stuck to water since i started and not even had a cup of tea.

I did buy a bottle of Asda diet coke as it doesn't contain citric acid but not sure wether it's a good idea or not. Be interesting to see what others say :)
i think this is a personal choice really. some people swear by it to keep them on track while others are much more "by the book" and won't stray from water/tea/coffee. i think it depends on the individual, for me, i wouldnt have it all the time, but with 9st to lose having it to look forward to as a treat is a nice motivator xx
For me I drink nothing but water and green tea (and decaff coffee in my vanilla shake) but thats more a health thing than an Exante thing. Ive been doing it ever since I started dieting as I figured if I was going to go to the bother of losing weight I may as well do my best to get healthier at the same time.
Just warm water. When ill a few years ago I was advised to give up caffeine, so I did. God was it a struggle, I love coffee. Having said that I did treat myself to a warm vanilla & coffee shake & I loved it. It’s too cold & wet here to be sipping cold water so I have it warm/lukewarm.
It’s all a very personal choice though.
I drink loads of black decaf -I love it plus decaf tea and water but I do have coke zero if I am out with friends or if I have a weak moment mid afternoon at work.
What is there in Coke Zero that could kick you out of ketosis?
ah...... I see.


I will never give up
i drink green tea with nettle, and chilled water
ooo share the wealth, where online?
i just found someone ;) selling champagne flavour?!!? oh gosh, must try...
champagne + sparkling water might make me feel a little less out of place at social events while vlcd-ing...thanks for the hint! i never thought to look there :) x

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