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What do you eat after weigh-in?

Hi all

Last week I had a great loss but had already decided on fillet steak and chip (SW style, naturally).

This is because I pre-planned it. Tnight, irrespective it will be Quornburger, bacon, egg, beans and chips (since I got the actifry, I have chips twice per week).

My point being, does anyone allow their weekly performance to dictate what they eat after weigh-in?

Or are most people as thorough as me (OK then, sad as me lol) and have it all mapped out?

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I used to have a 'treat' night after weigh in and eat what I like whilst on the WW plan.

However, Ive realised that I need to change my eating habits and its 'treat' nights like this that got me to my weight in the first place and that SW is a way of life not a tue-sun thing with a binge on monday. Hope that makes sense??

So now I plan my meal and have some chocolate (synned of course!!) x
I used to go to WW and would have a treat night after WI which was usuall a nice big pudding and 'what ever' for dinner.

Since starting SW I have dinner before I go and have a syned chocolate bar after.
I generally do map it out, but I have a really yummy dinner sw style on Saturday (weigh-in Friday) and normal dinners during the week :)
Just curious that was all;)

Enjoyed my SW style mixed grill & chis after my 2.5lb loss tonight. I'd have had it anyway (already planned) but it might not have tasted to nice lol.

Congrats on loss x
way to go on your loss this week :) ive only been doing sw a couple of weeks and have been planning my meals (not that i always stick to it tho lol) but i dont like my weigh in days lol (today) My group isnt untill 7pm so i dont tend to get home untill 9pm...i dont like having a my meal just before i go and i hate eating early, i normally feed the kids early then have mine about 7....but then i also dont like eating too late and by the time im home its late lol....so last week i just ended up snacking and not having a proper meal...not ideal i know. god knows what i will do tonight lol
I tend to not eat before noon on weigh in days as I get weighed at 5:30, and to just try to eat something very light, and it takes me quite a long time to get home from SW so I am always starving and usually just make myself a FEAST, but often I'll have a little snack while I'm cooking as well! last night it was sushi, yum!
Gotta admit the 3 yrs I went group tue night I always had a treat or 10!!! But since I do it at home on my own with minimin support and I wi on a wed morning I don't have treats no more!! And I only just realised!!!

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