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What do you eat on Weigh In day?


Nojo on the YoYo
two chicken drumsticks with the skin off, a large spoonful of cottage cheese and pineapple and a yogurt for me.

Nowt else now til WI! xD Bloody WI day!
I suppose that I am quite fortunate in that my weigh in is at 9.30 so I don't drink or eat anything until after I have weighed.

I do however take my breakfast (usually a hifi bar) and a bottle of water with me.

It's my WI tonight!

On my way in at 5:30 this morning had 1 alpen light, then got in and went for a run, then had a protein shake and a banana

Then mid morning I had 2 mini quiche muffins and then for lunch I had 2 more mini quiche muffins and green beans.

Will have an apple on my commute home but that's it until WI. Had I not gone running, breakkie would have been minus the cereal bar and the protein shake, but everything else the same.

Does anyone else stand on one foot and pray at wi? LOL

My WI is at 7pm so have a long day to go through. For brekkie I have Mullerlight and 1 weetabix crumbled in and then for dinner I have a mugshot and a banana at work. I try not to have a drink after 3.30.
Ive had yog and fruit for brekkie and some spicy squash and carrot soup that was left over from last night. I wont be eating anymore til i get home though. So roll on WI tonight, heres praying we dont have 5 new members like last week to make us over run and then i can get home and have a huge tea cos im starting to get pecksh now.
Why do we do this to ourselves?? sometimes I stand on the scales and I am so hungry that as soon as I've been weighed I snaffle down a hifi bar in a blink of an eye!

I have weetabix for brekkie.

Cottage cheese with salad or a ham sandwich (small bread). I have a cereal bar and a cuppa about 2pm and that's it til WI at 5.30.


Cute, but psycho!
It's so silly the things we do on WI day, isn't it?

I'm sure that we're supposed to eat normally and that we'd notice the general trend of (hopefully) loss...but I don't think I've met anyone who actually does this.
The other thing is what do you wear?
I always wear my lightweight linen trousers and a t-shirt. Some people at my class wear shorts - even in the winter - they change into them in the toilets and change out of them after they have been weighed!!!


Nojo on the YoYo
I wore leggings and a lightweight woolen dress on my first WI - my leggings are in the wash today so I'm wearing that dress with a pair of tights.

I also have a very lightweight white shirt that I like to wear over my leggings on WI day. Doesn't vary much at all.
I wear my work clothes, a light top and skirt or trousers, never jeans or jumpers and If I have a cardi on, it comes off - as does all jewellery before I go out! Why??? How much does my bloody necklace weigh??
When I got weighed for the first time on SW on Monday I just ate normally for SW.
For Breakfast I had a banana because I got up late and I really don't do breakfast. I had tuna, Light Philadelphia, and sweetcorn for lunch. And an apple.
Does it really make that much of a difference to not really eat on WI day?
Steph how do you syn a protein shake or do you buy a ready made one and syn it?
Hi Hon

I either get the ready made one from the gym if I am in a hurry and syn it (4 syns), or I do my own. I have a load of sachets from myprotein (or you can buy in bulk) and I usually do half a sachet which is 2 syns. The ready made ones taste of wet dog, but the sachets are really nice and no added sugar.

I wear leggings and a light floaty dress :) Yet I have just sold the dress as its way too big now so I need a new lightweight WI dress! :p

I don't eat loads but I would say I eat normally :) I have no bread or fizzy drinks and those are the only exceptions on WI day and I weigh in at 5.15. I go lightheaded and sicky if I haven't eaten enough so I don't think driving to weigh in having not eaten enough but be a grand idea :p


Nojo on the YoYo
Hmmm wet dog. Sounds appetising. Of course I want the smoothies from the smoothie places that have sprung up all over Liverpool that will put 3 chocolate bars, ice cream and toppings into some whole milk and whizz it all up for you.

Trying to find low syn alternatives, boooo!
I wear long shorts type thingies (light) and a very thin tee-shirt to get weighed. The colder it's getting, the more likely it'll be that I'll either get changed when I'm there or take lots of layers to add on.

I always wonder if there's something I *should* be eating on a WI day, to make myself 'go' perhaps...
I always wear lightweight trousers and a t-shirt (it was quite warm when I started).

I do know of someone that weighed her necklace once at home and it weighed 1/2 lb!


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