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What Do You Eat When You Have A Meal To Go To

Hi Peackie

I had a black tie dinner last week I couldnt get out of.
I drank water all night from a wine glass and no one was any wiser.
I had smoked salmon for a starter and skipped all the trimmings on the plate and I had a fillet of monkfish for mains and again I skipped the potatoes and veg on the plate.

I think if you stick to just proteins you should be ok. Dont pick at anything else.

I still lost 7lbs while sssing


Loving the Cambridge Diet
I have water to drink.

If it is three courses, I have prawn cocktail without the sauce.
Then chicken or fish, without sauce, or a salad

I ask for a piece of cheese in place of dessert - not the cheese board, just a piece of cheese.

Enjoy it!
Peackie, if you can possibly avoid it then my advice would be not to eat. I know I will sound like a party pooper but I have broken my diet a couple of times and each time it is harder to get back on track.

Will it be your add a meal week when the meal is? If it is then try as hard as you can to stick to the quantities advised in your little yellow book.

Stick to water to drink also. You must not drink alcohol whilst SSing as it dangerous. Icemoose posted a long post a while back which explains the dangers of alcohol whilst on a VLCD.
Hi Peakie,

As eveyone said just try to stick to the plain protein based options - I'm away at a work conference in France so was v worried about going out for the dinners. Last night I had parma ham for starter followed by grilled fish with a bit of veg. To be honest no one noticed that I was watching what I ate - and the water out of the wine glass trick worked too! It did take a lot of will power to refuse the lovely french apple tart though :D
Best to avoid food.

If you have to eat go for things from the add a meal week or the 790 diet.
Thank you all that has been most helpful its a dinner i cant get out of otherwise i would but hubby will be real upset if i dont go so the water in the wine glass excellent idea and proteins its actually on my aam week so that helps i think xxxxxxxxx

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