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What do you guys intend to do when.......

Hey guys....I have a question for you!

I have never really thought about this before because up until now i have never come anywhere near actually reaching me weight loss target.....but now that i am actually coming closer ...my question is this.....

what do you intend to do when you reach your target weight in order to maintain it ?

will you gradually increase your calorie intake and do more excercise so that you can enjoy more treats without rapid weight gain?

will you pretty much stick to the same diet that you follow now?

i am hoping to be able to be able to eat more than i do now....with a healthy basic diet but perhaps more treats or slightly bigger portions once i reach my target...but i am worried that as soon as i eat even slightly more calories my weight will start to shoot back up!

also....if any of you guys have already reached your goals, i would love to hear how you maintain it !!!

advice needed!!!
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Hi I'm now maintaining and have been for awhile.

I am only 5th tall and under 9 stone so I can't eat too much without a gain.

I eat 1200 to 1300 a day and then have a big blow out on one day where I eat or drink whatever I like.

I found if I eat my bmr which is 1500 every day then I gain. I do it better having less 6 days and more on one day.

I do also eat back my exercise calories so if I want to eat more I do some exercise.

I now weigh once a fortnight same day and time and every so often I drop a couple lbs randomly and this is always welcome as I prefer go lose a few lbs before a big weekend away or a birthday weekend. I always gain it back before losing again. It's all natural fluctuation.

I am fully expecting a gain next weekend as it's my birthday next Thursday and last year I was on lighter life so this tear I am fully intending on eating whatever I like which will be cake and a meal at the mexican
Not sure really, but from people who do maintain already, I think I will also gradually increase my calories at goal to the amount I need to maintain and then still count. On days where I do go over like eating out or whatever, I know what I need to do to lose weight so hopefully won't be panicking too much! :)
I am struggling with this at the moment as I need to think about maintenance soon. I intended to start at 10 stone but sort of found it easier to keep losing after I hit that goal. I am afraid of what it will be like once I hit my new goal for lots of reasons as it seems so much easier to just keep doing what I am used to. Once the initial joy of reaching goal wears off it will be hard hard work to keep my weight stable without reaching 'exciting milestones' anymore. I must admit I get such a buzz from losing that it is almost addictive. I know the comments will fizzle out at goal as people adapt to my new size. It's definitely going to harder to go this alone without the ongoing support I've had during the loss phase. I do want to pick a goal though as I can see myself never being happy :(

I intend to keep counting calories at the start as I don't trust myself otherwise. I shall probably up my calories by one hundred per week until I reach my maintenance amount or I'm at a stable intake. I appreciate this will fluctuate though and the biggest part of this will be learning to knock gains on the head immediately. I will weigh once a week at the start and then hopefully that will turn into once a month when I am used to this new way of life!

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