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what do you look for in a partner?

First is if he catches my eye then is he a nice person and if he likes talking and enjoys just a few of the things I like then I think we could go places .
But if it is a man who does PC alot then not
must dress nice , that means NO POLO SHIRTS BANNED


Can hug her knees :)
I mainly go for skinny men lol (just to make me look even fatter lol) and dark hair normally
but really just someone that can talk for ages and still be interesting, someone that takes care of themselves my friends would say I go for pretty boys lol xx


please try again
i like men who are kind, caring, confident but not arrogant, who know what they want out of life and show love for thier family

oh and im not attracted to white guys, erm only seem to date black men these days
At first I go for the huge rugby player look muscles very big muscles i like to feel protected, I am also attracted to arrogant men I married the most arrogant man I met lol but sense of humour is important to me as well if its not fun then it won't work for me.
My and my hubby still laugh all the time we mess about like kids even after 15 yrs ok his muscles and rugby player body aren't as they used to be and his cocky arrogance as faded with age but he is my best friends.
To be honest I think that you have to click with someone for it to work in the long run, I went out with some boring pretty boys in my teens I used to call them my handbags looked good and hung on my arm but that was it.


The Minis Bad Boy
Well so long as youve seen the error of your ways and dont thinkt he same thing now then thats good!


please try again
for me a guy with dreads and i go weak at the knees


Mistress of the Dark
I like skinheads too and bigger guys. I like a guy with big hands. Well let's be honest, he needs big hands for a big lady :p

Nice eyes and smile and I'm hooked. And if they have my taste in music, he's a winner :eek:

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