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what do you lot get up to on here?


rainbows holiday buddy :)
was just wondering - sometimes when i'm on here i notice at the bottom of the page that loads of people are signed in, but no-one's posting or replying to threads. so, what else do you get up to on here?

i go to the arcade sometimes, but that's pretty naff!

do alot of people just read the forum and not comment?
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Just follow the plan
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I read a lot of stuff on the other diets, never knew there was so many different ones till I joined here. Always a bit envious that there are loads of people on Cambridge and not so many posting on SW.

I like going through the before and after slideshow too.


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I either play on the arcade, or spend hours reading through the posts, waiting for someone to post something else lol.

I don't feel like i have a lot to contribute yet, so mainly lurk, with the odd post thrown in :D
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The slideshow IS amazing! Perhaps one day I'll be brave enough and successful enough to be included.
I too read about the other diets and am in awe of the LL and CD dieters. I just KNOW I would fail doing something that strict.
That's why I'm so thrilled with SW.
A diet with bacon....it's just not right!!!


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S: 17st4lb C: 17st4lb G: 14st4lb BMI: 42.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
lol i know what you mean!! i feel like i'm cheating already, when i'm actually eating free food :eek:
I did the Cambridge diet and it does work but its sooooo hard! i struggled like mad and only lasted 3 weeks, i take my hat off to the ones who manage it all the way through, there is no chance of me being able to do that lol
well since i found this site a few weeks ago i no longer use facebook half as much lol so nobody knows im on here and dont get the facebook jibes ha ha (despite the fact the ppl that ave a go at me about facebook use it more than me but they r in denial lol).

i tend to read a lot of the forums that arent even related to what im doing (Acomplia and healthy eating) its all just for the inspiration for me, i mean why pay to go to a class when u get much more from this for free? its an excellent site and i can see why its so popular. if only i had discovered it years ago i would be a size zero lol! xxx

Nanny Jax

getting back on track
It's a good one, you basically have three lives and you must try not to lose any by filling up as many cars with £10 worth of petrol as you can without overflowing....... it's hard to explain, try it and let me know if you become addicted! lol
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I like that one too Nanny! x


Is so very nearly there!
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I mooch! LOL

I look after my DD, I am a member of a baby group and read the 100s of mails I have, talk to mates online who at wk all day whilst Im at home, I have it already signed in as Im too lazy to log in and out as its only me that uses this PC! X

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