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what do you pay for cambridge ss?



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hiya, prices do vary..depends on your area, and your consultant..my first consultant charged £1.80 for all products, but my new one is more expensive and charges £1.85 for porridge and sachets and £2.05 for tetra'sand bars. so for 3 products a day it's roughly £45 for me, so if you look between £35-£45 a week gives you rough idea:p

I still find cambridge alot cheaper than what i used to spend on food, alcohol, and takeaways!:eek:


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I pay £36-£38 depending on if I get tetras or not. But prices are going up in July for all of the CDCs


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Mine are going up to £1.80 this week so I will be paying £37.80. It depend on what height you are too, I am only 5ft 3 so only need 3 packs a day.

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I only have shakes and tetras.

Shakes are £1.70 & Tetras are £1.95 but my CDC also sells bars for £1.95 and soups are also £1.70 and I *think* the porridge is £1.70 too. I don`t know how much the water flavourings are and I *think* the mix a mousse is £5 something.




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i pay 38.75 for 3 choc mint shakes per day as my cdc put her prices up early ( cdc's are self employed so can charge what they want, most stick to rrp thou )


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You must mean £50 a week, can't be month surely
if he really pays £50 a month for 4 packs a day then his cdc will be very busy..... we will all be heading over there
mine were £1.70 per shake and £2.oo per bar and tetra. On the 1st of July they are going up by 10p. Still its cheaper than food I guess but right now I dont care I would do anything to get my old figure back.
I pay €60 (in Ireland) a week for 21 products. I usually have a mixture of shakes, soups, bars and tetras but it would be €60 for all shakes or all tetras.

€60 I believe is £49... Gosh that's alot more than the £35 most people seem to be paying!

We really do live in a rip of republic!

Oh well, I suppose it does work!



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my cdc charges same price for everything and i am £40 a week - flavourings etc are £9 though xx


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atm only on shakes which are 1.70 but expect small price rise soon
I pay £1.80 for all sachets and tetras. I think the bars are the same as well? Mix'a'mousse and water flavourings are £6.50 each.

So SS costs me £37.80, SS+ would cost £50.40. I always thought I was being ripped off a bit as others claimed to pay £1-60, £1.70. But by the sounds of it, my CDC is quite reasonable.


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All my products are £1.90 each whatever they are. I therefore pay £39.90 per week.

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