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What do you tell the kids??


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As many of you know me already, you know my situation.... having a 3 year old step daughter who is with us for a period of time then away for a period of time.
Anyway, she is going through a really difficult stage with her eating and we have had many tantrums at the dinner table over the last couple of weeks....
While my Oh and i are trying to convince her to eat and finish her meals there i am either not eating anything or simply having a shake and she doesnt understand why.

I have briefly explained that i am on a diet and am having special shakes for meals and that my bum in shrinking and that the reason my swimming costume is too big is because im on a diet. But the questions keep coming... "katie, why are u not having tea?" I really dont want her to have issues with her weight or get a complex about diets at such a young age and i just dont know how else to explain it to someone!!! She wasnt her last time i was on LT so didnt have to worry about this.
How does everyone else handle this??

Any advise would be great :)

Katie xxx
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Just tell her you already ate yours, or that you will have yours later and distract with another conversation about something she likes. I have a 3 yr old as well and maybe because he's a boy he hasn't noticed yet...as long as your oh eats with her, then he is setting her up for good habits (hoepfully).


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Thats a good idea, i never thought of that actually.. doh!!! Its just we have always made a point of eating together at the table but im sure that saying that is better than confusing her :)
Thank u


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Indeed, think i will do that from now on...


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My wee boy is 7 so it easier to explain to him as he would tell u his mummy has a big bum!!! Alto he now is telling me I should stop the diet and go get him a Kfc!!! Mad man!!

As the others have said before telling her u have already had ur tea would b the safest option!

lisabear x

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i have an 11 yr old girl who also wants to have the shakes! she is slightly overweight and used to come to slimming world with me as they have a plan for her age and she was doing really well. now i dont go to slimming world and she isnt being weighed she has just fallen off the wagon! anyway my pharmacy have offered to weigh her with me every week and give her a little weight card like mine, they are giving her advice on what to eat, which has put her back on track again, she is pleased with this but she still wants the shakes. like you i dont want her to have issues and grow up how i did, so hopefully as she sees me lose the weight and having the willpower she might follow on hopefully. it is really hard with kids, they dont quite see it like us lol, good luck with the little one x


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Thats quite good that slimming world help kids too!!! Can your daughter not still follow slimming world despite not going to the meetings and get weighed when you do at the chemist? Im not an expert and dont know if its healthy for children but could you not replace one meal a day with slimming world for her so she feels involved on your diet? I know that doing LT would be dangerous for her as kids need so much more energy than us adults do and if she is running around playing at school she needs more than 600 cals per day but slim fast for one shake a day may be ok?
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so happy to hear your pharmacist is being so supportive of her. the junior slimming world plan is great its not a diet as such its all about making cool swaps so rather than choosing a big biscuit you choose a smaller one etc.
could you involve her in planning her meals for the week helop her feel more in control??

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