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    I did the calculation from the sticky to work out the number of cals I need to lose 1lb a week but I wasn't sure about the part that takes into account level of activity, as at the moment my exercise level is inconsistent ie last week I ran a 5k race but this week I may or may not do this and/or other exercise. However I wouldn't describe myself as inactive as although I have a desk job 3 days a week I am a busy mum of 2 young kids so am constantly on the go and push a pram etc. So based on multiplying BMR by 1.2 for inactive it came out as 1112 cals and by 1.375 for mild activity it came out as 1350 so I've decided to settle in 1230 per day. However I have my sons birthday party on Saturday so will prob have a few more cals on this day and was hoping that 1230 would account for this if I make sure I'm reasonably active. Does this sound feasible?
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    That sounds quite low to me, can I ask your weight & height ? 1,200 is the minimum recommended cals per day (by general medical/nutrition folks) so you should lose weight on that, I'm just surprised that your cals with exercise is just over 1,300.

    1,200 cals per day can be a decent amount of food but you'll find it doesn't go too far in covering treats so for the party keep a track on My Fitness Pal & see if you can sensibly cut back on areas that day to allow a couple of higher cal foods at the party. Or don't track, enjoy the party & go back to counting the next day

  4. gleggers

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    Yes I thought it was quite low too but the automatic calculator on mfp also comes out at 1200 (without exercise). My height is 5ft 2 and weight is 9st2 - I am 34 if that affects it too. Yesterday was my first day and I stuck to 1230 but I wouldn't have managed to go any lower than this (in order to save some for party) which is why I'm hoping that because of being reasonably active I should have be able to save maybe 300-400 extra calories for Saturday.
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