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What do you want in 2011?

Sitting here just thinking what id like to achieve/do in 2011 and wondered if you had any aims?

1) get back to target weight (you know ill put on over xmas) and then do OWL properly!
2) do at least 30 mins exercise 5 days a week
3) Do my Cips qualification
4) get myself to spain for a week with mum and actually leave the dogs at home :eek:
5) Get Luna showing and winning
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Not sure really Vicky, I have few needs and wants these days it seems. :)
Is that sad do you think? Not to have any aspirations anymore?
> New, better and more interesting job

> Lottery win so I can quit the new, better and more interesting job.

> Buy a flat/house

What the hell, maybe even a girlfriend :eek:

*remembers what site i'm on*

> Get to goal weight!


Clean green leafy machine
LOL Blue (don't forget, on lottery wins you have to share :))

Hmm mine are pretty easy -
- a job!!!!
- to lose more weight
- sell my flat and buy a nice houseboat
Linz! Are you rejoining the ranks of the gainfully employed? Big step missus - how long have you been childrearing as a career?

My goals for next year:

1. To run another half marathon.

2. To end 2011 the same weight as I started it (it would be the first year of my adult life that I actually achieved this) (actually the first I've ever even thought it might BE achievable)!

3. To spend less time on the net and more with my lovely (and very long-suffering) partner, even if it means getting drawn into the world of crap TV. ;)

4. To do loads of cool things with my children - in another couple of years they won't want to be seen dead with their old mum!

5. (Boring) To resolve some work issues which are bugging me. Without resorting to moida! :D
Oh you're brave. If I had left work I don't think I could ever have gone back Linzi. It's so lovely that you've been at home with your little ones though - I DO regret missing things when they were tiny. Sniff!
I worked shifts & travelled to Dubai lots with work so just wasn't going to be practical to go back to work. Its been a long hard slog financially but definately worth it to be with the kids. I was a childminder for 2 yrs & an area manager with The Body Shop at Home for 2 years but that was easy compared to facing being employed by someone! Tried to get a job on a couple of supermarket checkouts but they didn't want me!

Its hard when I have no suitable skill set or childminding for the holidays! x
1) a permanent job. Day rate contracting is lucrative, but I'd rather be back in a permanent role.
2) To get engaged (we have been together for 7.5 yrs, so it's about time really).
3) to buy a new car
4) to buy a new house

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