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What do you want to do.....



Love God; Love People
wanna get toned toned toned!, oh, and go back to salsa classes!
Restart horse riding again regularly- funnily enough you have to be quite fit to do this too !! Lots of other stuff but this is something I have really been holding back on xx
hmmm.....I am frightened to death of horses, which is a shame coz your right, it's brilliant for keeping you fit and toned, and i live in Glossop - horses are EVERYWHERE! lol x
I want to go shopping in skinny shops not just look in the window
Me too Nicola!! Can't wait to be able to shop ANYWHERE!!

If I want an outfit now, I have to do Evans, Debenhams, H&M, Matalan...oh, and that's it?!

Can't wait to actually buy anything I see that I like regardless of where it is!!
top shop cant wait
i want to wear jeans a t-shirt and trainers and look fab and to take my daughter swimming without feeling like a right heffa and trying to hide behind a towel and a very skinny child......jenny


Eloquent hooligan
Whore myself like the sex god I'll have become :D
I wanna get loads of use out of the lingerie I've had for 3 years but never worn ;)
Also looking forward to summer as normally I hide away under layers upon layers but it'll be nice to flash some flesh ;)
Shopping will be good also, no more looking in changing room mirrors and wanting to cry...
And being a sexy gf for the OH :D
I would love to

wear jeans and look good in them!

go swimming without looking like a beached whale!

shop in the shops I want to shop in, not those with outsize departments!

have sex with the light ON!

no longer be the fat daughter/friend/colleague!

learn to salsa or poledance or something equally fun!

not have a heart attack when I accidently catch sight of myself in a mirror and wonder who the heifer is staring back at me!!!

Not much then!!!!



I will do this!!!
Sounds simple but i want to have a huge girls night out, i haven't been out in nearly 2 years because of my weight. Oh and i want to wear sexy underwear and FEEL sexy!!!!
i also want to have the confidence to get out there and find somebody special, dont want to be on my own anymore. xxxx although i am nearly at target i still have alot of confidence building to work on,still feel quite low about myself so that is something that i can start to work on
I feel exactly the same Nicki.....we WILL get there hun xxx

'have sex with the light ON!'
LOL - right there with you CF (well not literally)


a new way of living!

touch my toes...
paint toe nails and be able to breathe at the same time
see what i am doing when i shave my bikini line
have a reason to shave my bikini line! (like being able to wear one!!)
long boots to zip up all the way
dress for petite range again, rather than bloater size
not get my t-shirts from milletts tent section
store asisstents to look at me as a customer rather than a 'we dont do your size love' time waster
feel healthy again
and everything!


Wanna be....sexy!
Howdy,you made me smile!
I want to wear fmb's,skinny jeans and a fitted tee.A sexy galaxy dress and heels without lumps and bumps (havent worn a dress since I was a child) and if me hubby is lucky,he might get a treat from Ann Summers!

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