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What does your head say?


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Here's an email I sent to my SW C earlier this morning. Background - I'm having my bunion surgery on Monday so I won't be making class for at least one week, if not two.

It was very enlightening for me so I thought I'd share it in the hopes that people will stop and listen to their thoughts a bit more.

Here it is:

"Can I just say - no matter how long you've been on the plan your head (and old habits) can still get in the way. For example, today I have already thought the following (and by confessing to you it not only helps get it off my chest but means I will probably not do it!):

1) that if I go to the cinema on Wed after class that I can have cinema popcorn because a) it's straight after class so magically doesn't count and b) I won't be making class for a week or two so I can get away with it

2) I'm supposed to go to Northampton on Sat to visit with a friend all day. I was already thinking of how I can be 'relaxed' a little foodwise as I'll be out all day, and again, as I won't be at class for a week or two.

3) I'm taking hubby out to dinner on Father's Day where they do a lovely crispy fried garlic chicken escalope that is totally unhealthy. I'm thinking 'Oooh...I can have that for a change as I always order so healthily when I'm there and this is my chance to have something 'yummy' [although all the food I have is always yummy even when I stick to plan!!]' because I won't be at class for a week or two.

Sense a pattern.....???!!!

This just proves how important you, the class and Image Therapy are to me! Together it just makes it all work and keeps me on the straight and narrow! So thank you!

BTW - now that I've written this all out and read it back it just makes me laugh. It just shows how these thoughts can creep up on you and if you're not aware of them and sit and think about what is going on in your head then you can easily self sabatoge. I think now I've written them out I'm less likely to do it. It's amazing how all the little 'oh, that won't hurt' can add up and actually do damage!"
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Brilliant post Stacey, you have such a great attitude to SW and like you say, you probably won't do those things now!

After the last WI before a holiday, I always say "I'm not going to relax until my hol starts" (usually a saturday) and I always ignore this and start slipping little extras in the next day. I bet I put a couple of pounds on before I even go on holiday.

Thanks for sharing this and good luck with the surgery and the week or so "off" class.


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Thanks Jay! I'm usually quite strict before I go on hols and make sure I stay on plan right up til the day I go and get back on track as soon as I get back home. It tends to help with damage limitation!

And luckily my C has said she'll come weigh me at home so that's very very nice of her (she's FAB!) and will help keep me on track too.

It's just interesting what our heads to do us - so much chatter going on that half the time we don't stop and listen to it or confront it!


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I enjoyed your post Stacey thank you, and congratulations on your impressive weight loss so far, well done.


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Your consultant sounds like the bees knees! The popcorn comment hit home for me, i always elax a little after weigh in if i've done well, as you say it magically doesn't count! Seems so foolish!


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She is brill. I wish I could nominate her for some kind of award!


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They do have SW consultant of the year etc, not sure what it goes on, probably on weight loss or member numbers but you could always email head office, she may well get recognised for something!

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