What drinks contain no cirtic acid?

Discussion in 'Slim And Save' started by Buzzybee82, 26 February 2014.

  1. Buzzybee82

    Buzzybee82 Member

    Hi guys,

    I've previously done the lighter life and slim and save diet but it's been a while!

    I'm starting back today on the slim and save diet so hope I can maintain it this time :)

    I'm just wondering what drinks you guys drink while on the diet? I love my flavoured waters and fruity teas but know I'm not allowed these or it'll kick me out of ketosis. Apart from green tea, pepermint tea and coke zero (which I don't really like) I don't know what else to drink. Would love to be able to drink flavoured water but can't find any without citric acid.

    Any help would be appreciated!!!!

    Thanks x
  2. meoww

    meoww Well-Known Member

    nettle tea, roibos tea (caffeine free too) there's a ribena plus blackcurrant flavour thats ok (I checked with S&S) I like it with fizzy water. I think theres a strawberry fizzy water somewhere thats ok and some supermarket coke zero types -asda do one with no aspartame and crap in, you might like unless you generally dont like any cola.
  3. GemsGem

    GemsGem Active Member

    You can also have dr pepper zero. Always feels like a treat for me

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