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what else can comfort me ?

except for food? please help me, i am desperate to get back on this diet, but i am home alone now and food is my comfort, i did so well yesterday till my mum came round with shopping as she is off abroad today with my eldest so thought she would bring loads of stuff round!! and then i scoffed all night with my eldest..

and today :(

what do i doo help please?

i do need comfort and i also need to get back on this diet before i give up totally and gain it all back plus more :cry:
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use us to comfort you and take your mind off of things hun! Clean, Walk, sing, dance anything but dont give in!


Strong women stay slim
Hi there ... I know the feeling , you stuff but really don't feel any better for it , I will feel better once i Restart , I am hoping that day is wednesday , how did you feel once dieting to now ? Well hold on to that thought and try again wednesday ?
Music, I always listen to music and its helpful. Atleast when I was on other diets it worked.. Silence is a big depressing killer of diets. Try some games too.


Strong women stay slim
If doing CD its best to do it in the summer months as you can get very cold in the winter , so make the most of these months and sort it out


Fairy Princess to Be
My default is a nice long bath (with Lush bubble bar usually, luv 'em) with a good book, relaxing music and a champagne flute of sparkling water!
Or just the book, music and the 'champagne' if I don't have time for a bath or am worried I'll fall asleep and drown!
i feel so sick, fat, fed up!!

need this diet so badly so important!! why cant i stop eating? its just making me feel sick and depressed..

need to get bk on it!!

tommorrow for defo this just aint on!


Fairy Princess to Be
Just a suggestion, but instead of starting 'tomorrow' why not start right now? Will put you off the ever-tempting 'last minute binge' today and might even help you feel better right away (psychologically, if nothing else)


Strong women stay slim
I know the feeling , fed up and feel sick , well say its ok cos its a new day and a new me when you wake up , just keep busy . I will also be doing some CD some slimfast as funds are tight
i already eaten today?

shall i have a soup for dinner and supper?


shall i? cus yes your right i will only end up eating more..

i am going to empty all crisps in the outside bin now too!!

god i feel sick.... think i maybe need to go make myself sick :( not cus i have an eating disorder but because i genuilly feel very sick! uchy


Strong women stay slim
Well keep the crisps as you will be strong to say , No thanks ? or will you ? lol


Strong women stay slim
What have you eaten today ?


Step away from the chips!
How about getting yourself out for a walk, might make you feel better physically & mentally?
i have had 2 slice of toast with 2 slice of tesco ham.. and 2 bags of hula hoops!! and a cup of coffee with some milk!

i did so well yesterday then last night SHAMEFULLY seriously i ate 7 bags of crisps walkers prawn coctail and hula hoops, rustler burger, and a bag of cookies! sickening init?


Strong women stay slim
Well i'm the same eating loads feeling sick by it , so how can you change the way you think , Stop beating yourself up and think different and say , I know how good it feels to be doing something about my weight also over eating makes us slugglish and feeling fed up . Try Wednesday and say well i'm not going to be the only one trying again as me for one will be trying again ! come on girl lets get back to it , what do you say ?


Silver Member
awww hunni (((hugs))) i feel for ya too im struggling aswell, had noodles earlier ... damn this bloody dieting lark


Strong women stay slim
Look at me now

Look at me now, unhealthy and down

always sad, expression a frown,
face and body all bloated and round,
gaining and gaining that extra pound.

Off to the shop to buy some new kit,
elasticated waist, that’s all that will fit,
super size and triple XL,
it covers me up no one can tell.

A beer with a mate as he’s just got wed
I pose for that photo with fear and dread,
praying the lens gets only shoulders and head,
chest out, breath in, my face turning red.

Off to work I board the plane,
I sit in my seat it’s such a pain,
struggling with my seat belt, across my lap,
I finally succeed then my mate starts to clap.

I’m as big as a cow and I have to do something
I can’t keep doing all this munching.
Inactive, bad eating and all this boozing,
me and my life are definitely losing.

Boxing Day morning I feel a tad rough,
I stand on the scales, all in the buff.
With a crunch and bang a creek and a groan,
the needle fly’s round and hits 20 stone.

So it’s onto the net for that perfect diet,
too many to choose from it’s such a riot.
I keep on searching, it’s looking grim,
but one sticks out, and it’s Lipotrim

So it’s down to the chemist for my weekly supply,
feeling excited I’ m going to give this a try,
just one week on and I stood on the scales,
I couldn’t believe it Gazza’s back on the rails.

Now three months in and 5 stone less,
I look quite good and not such a mess,
transitioned to ketosis and all that water,
it’s really worth the toil and the slaughter.

Without minimins here on the net,
I would have given up and that’s a safe bet,
read through the threads and just take heed,
I promise you one thing, you will succeed.

Which ever diet, you decide to take on,
it’s a small part of your life and it won’t take long,
let’s not forget where in this together,
and before you know it you will be as light as a feather.

Now as for me, soon my journey will end,
and to be fair it’s sent me around the bend,
but at the end I shall take a bow,
all happy and smiling, look at me now!


Here read this poem that was put on here and see if that helps ?_


Silver Member
If your head isn't in the right place then there is no point in trying to SS - why not try one of the higher steps and work backwards?

You will only make yourself feel worse if you force yourself to SS when you are feeling as low as you are and then struggle.

Also don't think of it as cheating...you are making a choice. You chose to eat.
Have a look at your ticker, that should inspire you as you are well over half way there. The inch losses are great too. We've got a big tv in our living room and i put the fat photos on a slide show to remind myself how big i had become. Also putting them on cupboards and fridge helps.
It doesnt matter what you have eaten today, start right now whilst your feeling positive.
Good Luck


French Honey
Definitely start right now, don't wait until tomorrow as you'll probably do the 'last supper' thing tonight and make it even harder for yourself. Besides, if you start right now then when you wake up in the morning it will be day 2 of restart :D (that's the way my crazy brain works).

Just think about the positives of getting back into it, and then try and think of the positives for carrying on eating (there won't be as many I bet).

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