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What flavours and Bars and Tetra's would like


please try again
pina colada flavour would be nice
cookies and cream tetra
cherry bakewell flavour shake
garlic mushroom soup
sweet and sour chicken soup

will come back when ive had a think about it, lol


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I would love a beefy soup and a bacon and tomato one, shake apple pie and custard flavour.....bar a honey comb one kinda like a crunchie.
If you ever tried the slimfast, they do a gorgeous coffee flavour, so that be nice, and also i like to see choc mint, i think i be happy with those two flavours, oooh unless a choc orange like the terrys choc orange flavour would also be gooooorrrrrrrrgeous!!!

Oooh yes i would also like a crunchie type bar mmm


please try again
we already have choc mint and choc orange?
or do you mean as a tetra?


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A savoury bar would be nice

peanut butter n chocolate tetras....
cherry shake - fantastic idea!!!


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A banoffee bar would be great, soup would need to be anything really meaty. Cant think of a tetra.


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Reading that lot , is making my mouth water , was thinking about them all , hey cherrybakewell yum , I think its the Almond in them taht makes it so niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee , ok get to grips now and be good lol


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hot buttered toast something would be good - right now actually!! xx


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hot buttered toast something would be good - right now actually!! xx
OMG, that made me jump. Suddenly thought you were looking through my laptop screen, as I'm eating that at the moment :D

That was so weird :D


getting slimmer
yum!! send some through to my lap top!!
kd, how are you eating it at this time of night and still be at goal??!! x
Frys Turkish delight flavour..............Mmmmmmmmmmm..........
I would really love to see a bar that wasn't chocolate coated. The cranberry bar for example is lovely, but cranberries and chocolate? It's just weird! Uncoated, or even a yoghurt type coating would make it much more pleasant.


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I'd love a savoury type bar...maybe in bacon, cheese & tomato pizza type flavour with a bit of crunch to it :D

Summer Berry tetra would be good and a vanilla one to freeze and have as ice-cream (too much of a faff to do it with a pack lol)

Another sweet but crunchy bar would be lovely - one with pieces of honeycomb, biscuit & choc rather than one thats all blended together. But not coated in chocolate, more like a flapjack thing.

I dont ask for much :eek::D

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