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What foods can you not have in the house?


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I cant have any different breads only the basic wholemeal loaf.

I bought my husband a fruit loaf to have for breakfast I ended up having some of it I love the firm texture and having it with flora light, I cant have biscuits or cake in the house I dont mean to eat it just happens.

If I want ice cream I only buy the one.

What foods can you not resist?:D
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I can't have cheese. A few slices here and there equals the whole thing! I ate a massive block of it in one afternoon.

Why do bad things have to taste so good? :(


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Hmmm... I feel quite lucky that I can say no to stuff in the house. I'm the only one at home following the plan, so there is always nice bread, crisps and sweets around. I have managed to focus and tune them out. I even take my brother to McDonalds and don't feel like I want any, even though it smells SO good...


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Crisps. Can't buy multipacks for the family as I'll eat them so they're banned from the house. If the bf or daughter want a packet then they go to the shops and buy one pack. I don't have white bread in the house either, just a small wholemeal.


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When I had some hot cross buns delivered the other week they smelt so utterly gorgeous and freshly baked that I had to stick them straight into the freezer in the garage for fear I'd crack! Last year I was having 2 or 3 a day so they had to go.


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I am now very pleased to say it no longer bothers me and anything can be put in front of me!

I am now sufficently programmed (brainwashed?) to resist temptation.

Margery Dawe

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I am now very pleased to say it no longer bothers me and anything can be put in front of me!

I am now sufficently programmed (brainwashed?) to resist temptation.
I'm the same. I don't know why it's different this time, but it really doesn't bother me what's in the house. It may be because if I really wanted it I could have it, but I choose not to. The choice is mine and nobody is telling me I can't have it.


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S: 11st10lb C: 9st4.5lb G: 9st4lb BMI: 24.7 Loss: 2st5.5lb(20.43%)
I really enjoy SW and Im not weak 99% of the time but sometimes I want something that all veg fruit yogurts and stuff just wont satisfy, so to keep this at bay I cant keep stuff in Im hopeless on these times.


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Anything open... If the packet is sealed, I won't touch it, but if anyone leaves halves of chocolate bars or open packets of biscuits... I'm doomed x x
Marmite and proper butter. Luckily my children prefer that processed marg stuff which is eurgh.

If I had both together then it'd be slice after slice of fresh bread with lashings of butter and marmite. :eek:

And cakes ... I come over all Margery Dawes when it comes to cake. Especially with butter icing :D


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crisps I love crisps would rather have a yummy bag of sea salt and vingar ones then a chocolate bar (etc on * week lol)


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Real butter and real bread (any type, white and fluffy, granary, nutty, cheesy, no air soda bread...you're getting my picture here!!)

Sadly the breadmaker is consigned to under the stairs for now :(


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Noting gets banned formthe house asi have hubby and small one to feed as well as me. I see it as this, my eating of those foods caused my problems becuase i had issues with them and myself sw has really helped me, I was a little surprised, its taps into my obbessive side but it also has chilled me out. So food no longer bothers me and i know with sw i can have a little of what i fancy.


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I don't "ban" anything from the house as my OH isn't following SW, although all his evening meals (and his lunch the next day if there are leftovers) are SW friendly so free or low syn.

My OH loves crisps but I'm not that bothered by them. Chocolate is a bit harder to resist but I can manage to just have a couple of squares of choc when I want it but most of the time I don't bother. I bought one of those multipack of minibars/packs before Christmas for myself and the only ones left are the M&Ms cos OH doesn't like them, LOL:D


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