What happened in your life this decade?


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I was listening to Radio One in the car yesterday and they were encouraging people to phone in and let them know what "firsts" they had experienced in the last decade... first times of all different stuff.

I thought it might be fun to pose you guys a similar question, as a positive start to 2010 :) to look back at the good things that happened since the new millennium, not the bad. Everyone on Facebook seems to be really glad 2009 is over, but not me! Its been a great year, full of new challenges - financial ones, relationship ones... loads of stuff.

So the question I'd like to ask you is:

"What are your top 10 experiences of the past 10 years?"

I'll kick off...

Wannabslim's top 10 (in date order not priority!):

1) Passed my driving test (spring 2003)
2) Turned 18 and went out drinking with friends for the first time (autumn 2003)
3) Passed my A-levels (summer 2004)
4) Left home and went to uni (autumn 2004)
5) Met my now-husband (autumn 2004)
6) Graduated uni (summer 2007)
7) Started my Masters - soon to finish (autumn 2007)... had yr out then restarted (autumn 2009).
8) Got engaged (summer 2008)
9) Bought our first house (summer 2009)
10) Got married (autumn 2009)

I think this has probably been one of the most dramatic decades I'll ever live through in terms of the scale of my experiences.... here's hoping the next one is packed full of even more good times. Kids maybe? Start my career? Go travelling with my husband?

Let the good times roll...
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Good thread!

2000: Had first child
2001: Got Engaged
2001: Bought first house
2002: Got Married
2002: Qualified as Driving Instructor
2003: Had second child
2004: First trip to the states (v exciting lol)
2004: Set up my own driving school (prob most scariest thing out the list above lol)
2006: Turned 30 :D and went on a wild one in Dublin :D
2009: .... lots of holidays & lost a load of weight!

Heres to the next decade!...ohh that starts 2011 though right?? ohh hmm confused


Gone fishing
Last 10 years?

Went to work
Came back from work
Went on various forums
Repeat for a few years
Lost weight
Went to work
Came back from work
Went on various forums
Repeat for a few years

Been a quiet decade :D


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Wow MrsEssex that's a lot :) you've had a good decade there! KD... well a quiet decade doesn't mean it hasn't been fun anyway :)

Yeah 2010 is the new decade... 2000 was the first year of the decade so you had all of year 2000, then 2001,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 +9. That's 10 years :).

I guess if you think about it with digital counters like electric meters that have digits followed by decimals, they start on zeros 0000.0000, then gradually click up through 0000.0001 all the way to 0000.9999 before they then flick up to to 0001.0000

So in the first year ever, you would have had 12 months when it was 0000 then it would become 0001.

So yep, my belief is that 2010 marks the new decade :)


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Hmmmmm thats a funny one that when the decade starts thing..one of those things i cant get my head around :D thats me being backward lol i know what you mean though yes...ohh of course... my eldest was born april 2000....and he'll be 10..so yes i think i get it now

Glad my hairs brown now lmao


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Will give this a try!

01/01/2000 Six weeks into first post as a qualified social worker (hospital discharge team).

2002: Quit social work! Become an inspector for social care services.

2004: Purchase first property

2009: Sucessfully complete part-time post- graduate qualification.

Inbetween, some lovely holidays, some dreadful boyfriends and quite a few diets! But starting 2010 pleased to have shed a bit of the weight and grateful for the good stuff (family, friends and employment) x


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Hey Blingbabe, I'm doing my MSc in Social Work at the moment - why'd you quit? Can't wait to qualify :) do you enjoy your inspector job?



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What a good idea!

Did gcses
Did A-levels
Past driving test
Turned 18 - partied!
Turned 21- partied!
Went to university
Went on lots of holidays
Put on lots of weight
Now losing lots of weight!


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Oh boy.

Okay, why not? Bear in mind that although some of these things don't sound so good, I kind of wanted them in here because the not so great things make the good things feel even better...

Got my advanced diploma in nursing from Southampton Uni.

Moved from Hampshire to Northants.

Tried every diet under the sun and lost, on average, 14 pounds each time before piling said 14 pounds back on. :rolleyes:

Started supply teaching in local primary schools (yep, I know - what happened to the nursing? Good question)

Stopped supply teaching (thank God, because I hated it)

Got a job as an admin assistant in a Government department (pretty easy to guess which one as I haven't named it. ;))

Decided in a moment of madness that I'd try for a place on a Fast Stream type course. Got on it, much to my eternal amazement.

Supported my husband through gender reassignment surgery. And yes, we're still together as herband and wife...

Passed then failed a few then passed lots of exams, at the same time losing almost five and a half stone on Cambridge, only to put three back on, sigh.

Finally finished my 4 and a half year course and got my promotion.

As you can see, an eventful few years... :D :D

Now to get slim again!
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Lovin it !!! :)
Crikey - got me thinking now - not in any particular order

1.Went to Asia for a month - Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Bangkok, Jakarta & Bali
2.Split with my husband
3. Moved from Norwich to Essex
4. Moved back to Norwich from Essex
5. Lost 7.5 stone
6. Did some Volunteer work for Norfolk Eating Disorders Assocciation
7. Spent Xmas & NY in Gambia
8. Bought my own place - as a singledon
9. Went from dark to blond & back again
10. Started CD to lose the 4 I gained


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thank you

What a great thread. Gets you thinking

2003 split from a bad relationship
2003 went travelling
2005 met my husband
2006 bought a house
2007 got married
2007 started a new job
2008 had a baby

Sure there must be more but they are the highlights. Not that 2009 was a bad year I was just enjoying being a mum and spending time with my little boy

Thats got me on a real high now. Just thinking how lucky i am.

thanks for that


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Pleasure hun :)

Hope you all had a lovely time last night - we watched Pirates of the Caribbean and ate a scrummy dinner, accompanied by appropriate amounts of Asti. Then had a nap about 10-11 (end of Pirates of Carib. on sky+ to watch when we woke up) as we were done in, then came down and watched the end of the film and the NYE celebrations on BBC1 before heading off to bed.

A fab evening :) and a lovely quiet start to 2010 after all the craziness of this year!



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Hi wannabslim

Have sent you a message re: the social work question!


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2000 - Moved to Scotland
2001 - I was 14? Not much!
2002 - 15... still not much lol.
2003 - Met my naughtier half, left school 7 A+B's GCSE's after attending only 40% of school for 4 years due to illness.
2004 - Having fun, going out etc
2005 - Had my son, Mikey
2006 - Bought my first house + went back to work
2007 - Nothing much new.. boring!
2008 - Had my daughter, Kalea
2009 - Working and raising the kids

Mannn I'm boring lol.

Chelsea Lou

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Blimey, I can't remember what I did yesterday but here goes:-

2000 My first grandchild was born - a girl
2001 My eldest daughter got married
2002 My first grandson was born
2002 Bought my first property solo after splitting with husband
2004 Mum and Sister both diagnosed with Cancer
2005 Lost my dear Mum to cancer in July
2006 Lost my darling Sister to cancer in March
2007 Went on my first ever girlie holiday to Turkey and had the best time ever. Laughed non-stop
2007 Bought my first ever brand new car great after having bangers for years
2008 Found God again
2009 First attempt at Cambridge and lost 31 lbs :D
2009 First twin grand-daughters were born

As you can see, bit of an up and down decade, lots of joy and lots of heartache.


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2000 eldest daughter born with heart disease
2001 got divorced
2002 met new beau
2003 youngest daughter born
2004 eldest daughter diagnosed with autism
2005 lost nana to cancer. bought a house
2006 nowt much
2007 got married
2008 had gall bladder removed. got new job in kids school.
2009 passed my gcse maths at the grand age of 32! lol put my back out (again)
2010 lost loads of weight (hopefully!)


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My Nan died of Cancer (2000)
I can't think of anything! (2001)
Parents moved to Shropshire (2002)
Finished my GCSEs and moved to Shropshire(2003)
Went on my first holiday without my parents to Greece with friends from college(2004)
Went to South Africa, amazing! (2005)
Moved out of my parents house and did my gap year (2006)
Passed my driving test (2007)
University, graduate this year, started in London again (2007-now)
Moved back to Birmingham (2008)
Finally got to go to Italy (2009)

And my worst... moving... 12 times! Yup, twelve times since May 2002!!


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Interesting Caroline, I finally got to go to Italy (Venice) in 2009 as well!


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Wow, I love this thread!!!
2000 - work
2001 - work
2002 - work
2003 - met my future husband
2004 - got married
2005 - bought house, had my daughter
2006 - moved house
2007 - had my son
2008 - went back to work
2009 - from 2005 - 2009 put on 4 stones on in weight which I am now trying to lose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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2000 - GCSE's
2001 - went to IBIZA had the best time of my life! (wore a bikini haven't since)
2002 - Got first proper job
2003 - First child & brought a house
2004 - Passed driving test
2005 - Got married
2006 - second child
2007 - The worst year ever!!!
2008 - Turned 25?? and was 9st 8lbs
2009 - gained a shed load of weight

wow quite boring - note to self : get a life!!!