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what happens if I slip up?

personally none of my slip up's ave been to the fact i have wanted to snack but with going away for day trips and have been unable to get the food's i want in the quanity i have wanted them in !

so if ur not hungry i honstley dont think u will slip up but if u do just get back on track straight away and put it to the back of ur mind and dont beat urself up !!

good luck hun !


** Chief WITCH **
Yep! And come out of ketosis! So given that your Dukan journey is going to be a short one, stay "clean" and get onto Consolidation at your target weight soonest! That really is an important phase to avoid exactly what you've mentioned above.


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Im the queen of slip ups! Last week (well for the 10 days prior to this monday) i ate carbs everyday, mainly in the form of bread, pizza, crisps, kfc fish and chips etc etc. I put on 6lbs! but I have lost it again this week with doing 4 days PP.
You will put a lot on but as soon as you get back on you will lose it.


** Chief WITCH **
and you can carry on doing that ad nauseum until at some point, like me, you realise that it's gotta stop!!
hey jo and vicks im glad u answered banan's second question coz i was unsure wot to put lol ,im usless sometimes !!!
thanks again ladies. Yes Im lucky that I don't have too much to lose, two stone should bring me to my "true weight" of 9.4. So maybe the best thing is to just try and stay "clean"...(kinda sounds like a recovering junkie) as much as possible. I have two big social events in Septmeber that Im worrying about, but I'll cross those bridges when I get to them. I really want to do it this time, Ive been overweight for as long as I can remember and Im honestly the heaviest of all my friends.
niki we are the same height and have more r less the same to lose !!

we will all be with on ur journey!!

im not here now to monday so have a good weekend !! everyone !!

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