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what happens when you get to target?

Im not 100% but I think you add an extra hex! Not sure though as Im also a long way enough, hope one of the target members can help xx


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When I was at target (before getting up the duff 2nd time) I found it hard to maintain every week.... Some weeks I'd go up a pound do the next week I'd be extra good to try and lose it again.
I didn't have any extra hex or syns as by the time I got to target it was so hard to lose any weight.
When you get to target you can try adding and extra hex or having 5 extra syns a day and see how you go - everyones different, it's trial and error really!
Thanks for posting this as I've been wondering the same thing . I asked a few target members at my group and they said it was trial and error . one added extra syns and the other added and extra healthy extra each day .
I'm only a few weeks at target so hard to say. The official line is that you increase your Healthy Extras one at a time until you hit a level that works. The reality I guess is that you just mess around until it levels off. You are allowed +/- 3lbs around your declared target before you have to start paying (and you have a weeks grace if you go outside the zone to get back in it)

To be honest, I havent really changed much at all, I'm still following pretty much all the principles, still sticking to 5-15 syns a day, but having occasional days when I go over syns (pub, meals out, takeaways etc) - but then I always did.

So far since hitting target, my weigh-ins have been:

1st week: +3lbs (was at Centre Parcs and ate loads of puddings!)
2nd week: missed week (dont have to go every week when now I'm at target and had to be somewhere on my regular SW night)
3rd week: -4lbs (lost all that center parcs weight, so 1lb under target which is within the allowed zone)
4th week: STS (so 1lb under target again)

I really dont think that I have changed my approach very much at all so far, I guess I'm just slightly more relaxed about treats, going over syns allowance, or eating a bit more bread and cheese.

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