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What have I done!!!

Buggrit. I ate my first bar of the day - caramel and it was lush so............... I erm ate another one.
What the feck did I do that for - it was sheer greed and I'm only allowed one bar a day and all.
What shall I do now???
I'm gonna need a soup around 5pm and shake around 9pm.
What will the effects of having this extra bar be - does anyone know?
Why oh Why do we do these self sabotaging things to ourselves - a moment on the lips and a day full of guilt!
Advice please!
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hey - don't panic !!! it's only an extra bar....just draw a line under it and carry on with the rest of your day.......

shouldn't cause too much of an upset as long as you get back on track and don't use it as an excuse to have a blow out !!!

Debz xx


MUST get a grip
Tansy - DONT PANIC..... I've had 2 bars at the weekend before PMT etc - just dont make a habit of it... You may get a bit windy or even a little bit of upset tum but you will not self-destruct, you will not go to hell and it really really wont affect anything else... I've had 4 packs during the day a couple of times and its really not done me any harm at all hun x x x x x x
those damn bars sure are yummy aren't they :eek:

All I would say is similar to what everyone else has already said - be prepared for a very 'windy' afternoon :D:D:D

Look on the positive side of it - you're better off having an extra shake or bar if you really do need to eat, rather than anything else.


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and don't fa*t unless you are on the loo! I think it's those that made me have a little accident a few days ago. I haven't been eating the tetras which can also do it. Just keep it all in until you are 'safe'!:eek:
Half term, so I quickly wolfed down a bar before going to the play area with kids and could not work out why I had such terrible wind. Beware the peanut bars !!!!

I'm sure your two bars will balance out over the week - top up with lots of water to feel full.
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Tansy hun, in the grand scheme of things an extra bar is much much better than anything else so don't be too hard on yourself or worry too much babe. You might be a bit farty though!!

OMG - you were all sooooooooooooo right. I've been farting like a good'un all day!!!
Won't be doing that again!lol
Thanks for your support everyone
Oh my, too much information IWILLSUCCEED! My uncle always used to say there is more room outside, than their is inside! So let loose the gas....

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