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  1. airgirl

    airgirl Gold Member

    Sorry people, after my very positive post about feeling great and blah blah blah the other day i caved in last night...i'm not even gonna tell you what i ate cos it's quite disgusting (in my diary tho if your one of them like me who gets off on heraing what other people eat, lol)!!

    So i'm deciding to do ss+ as i just need to have something at the end of the day to make me feel normal and stop cancelling friends etc just cos i can't eat.

    Has anyone else gone from ss to ss+, how did you find it? What kind of losses do you have? General views?xx
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  3. abz

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    i have some chicken once or twice a week as you know hon to keep me going. from what i've seen on here the weight losses seem to remain pretty much the same. it's just a choice on whether you want to give up food all together or if you have the will power to keep on track. i find that doing ss and then the odd ss+ day when the cravings get the better of me is the way forwards for me.

    drink loads of water, forget about yesterday. continue on today and what you want to achieve for today. no other day matters as far as the diet is concerned, just the one you are sitting in at the moment :)

    abz xx
  4. misscheeky

    misscheeky Gold Member

    Hiya hun, as abz said the losses are pretty much the same on ss+. Just get back into it today hun xxxx
  5. karenO

    karenO Step away from the chips!

    What great advice :)
  6. GTPeach

    GTPeach The Nerdy Singer

    Hey airgirl.

    Don't fret or stress. Every day is new - start each day off new. Put it behind you and move forward from where you are. I know you can do this!!!
  7. littlemissspendthrift

    littlemissspendthrift impossible is nothing

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    Abz, i definately think this is a really good idea. im restarting and im going to 100% sole sourcing for as long as i can. but if a small salad and piece of chicken stop me from going off the rails occassionally, then i think that is a much wiser decision.

    besides, i read somewhere on here that instead of doing add a meal week, you could have one or two days each week where you add a meal and go on like that so you dont have a week of food

    i will seriously be considering this from sept onwards.. prob on the weekends. so perhaps when my family all get together for a sunday dinner, i can sit with them and have a small plate of food

    airgirl, sounds like you really know yourself and how to make the diet work for you. which ultimately it has to really doesnt it? xx
  8. Surfhunny

    Surfhunny Laugh in the face of food

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    Cambidge Diet
    Hi Airgirl. I know this is totally off topic sorry, but I think you might be able to help me. I'm going to the US on holiday soon and I don't know what to do with my food packs. I had planned on putting them in my hold luggage, I just wondered with you being cabin crew, I figured you might know the rules etc. Hope you can help, cos I'm really scared of getting it all confiscated at customs. That would be a disaster!!!
  9. GTPeach

    GTPeach The Nerdy Singer

    Surfhunny - I don't know what airgirl can tell you, but I have heard that they will confiscate it. The suggestion I offer is that, even though they aren't the same diet it should work in a similar fashion - go to Cambridge > Food for Life (Cambridge Diet USA website)and order the stuff you want for your trip a couple weeks in advance and have them ship them wherever you're staying. Then notify the friend, hotel, etc, that they will be arriving ahead of you.
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