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What Have I Done!!!

Purple Hugs

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Ok... for all I'm chatty on here, and with people I know.. i can be a bit shy sometimes...

Well.. part of my childhood and adulthood left me wanting to go to college but never having the chance.. I've nattered on about this for years..

I did a welsh course last year when we moved to Wales, but it's not a qualification as such.

So.. amongst the personal development side of things I chewed this over again recently and thought that a little part time course would be ideal..

So.. today I made my first call about this, and it must've been 'meant to be' as the course started last week but they are looking for people still!!

So... on Tuesday Night.... I'll be at college!!! :eek: Studying Counselling (Introduction course that lasts till July - leading to a 2 year course after that). :)

Good thing is this course doesn't involve any travelling (unless you count 1 mile), the next course does, but it's 1 full day a week for 2 years. Managable for sure. :)

Can't quite believe it!! Need nerves of steel walking in on strangers who have already done a week though.. my worst nightmare!! :eek::eek:
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Oh my god congrats!!

You needn't be nervous! You dont usually miss much in the first week, usually introductions and stuff.

It will be great for you! Congrats!


can see the end in sight!
THATS FANTASTIC! you will be fine. i really feel like i missed out when i didnt go to uni or do any quals after i finished school, it is the main reason i want to go back home so i can get started. what does the intro to counselling involve?? well done!!


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you will be absolutely fabulous hunny...

my mum is an addictions counsellor and she says that doing her couselling qualifications is one of the best things she has ever done... my mum didn't start her courses until after she had me and i was in school, so i think she was late 30s early 40s... and she absolutely loves her job :)

go for it hunny, reach for the stars :)


Winning a losing battle!
Well done for taking the first step! I remember starting an evening course a few years ago and I was so nervous but I decided I wanted to do the course and so had to face my fear - was worth it in the end and met a great bunch of people.

This really is the year of the new you isn't it - good for you!!!

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Loves weight.. training!
Thanks all ((hugs))

Gooligan, you hit the nail on the head with age.. i'm 37 :) must be something about approaching 40 ;)

This is what the details say:
Initial Counselling Skills; Introducing Counselling Theory and Practice; Personal Development

Will be interesting and as said, I'll be ok after the initial walk in the door.. fear is worse than the event most of the time :p


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Purple Hugs, thats brilliant, Im sure you'll really enjoy it...

Two years ago I decided to return to education....at the time I had a really good job, paid well etc...however, I was bored because it was a job I had just 'fallen into'....I decided enough was enough, and I gave up my job and started a course at college...Im now at Uni, as a 'mature' (ahem...) student and absolutely loving it!

Congrats again, and I hope your course takes you where you want to go in life! :D:D

Cat Bee x

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Loves weight.. training!
Aww Catbee that's a great story, good for you! :D

I 'ended up' in office work to be honest and have never felt fulfilled. I am a Freelance administrator as we foster and it interferes with work (as I'm the only driver - hubby is weird ;) ). So it's easier this way, but have always yearned to go to college. :)

Counselling will compliment fostering in a way, but give me a career or I can just do voluntary work :)

Very excited now that I've gotten over the shock!! :D I really thought we'd be talking September! lol


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Very excited now that I've gotten over the shock!! :D I really thought we'd be talking September! lol
Probably best its starting straight away! You have no time to change your mind! Thrown in at the deep end!

I think that sometimeswhen you make decisions spur of the moment, they work out the best....like if you have been planning a night out for ages...its never as good as you expect its gonna be, but if you go for an impromptu night out, its always brilliant!....lol anyway, big rant over! :p:D

Enjoy your first day, and be sure and let us all know how you get on!

Cat Bee x

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Thanks :) And I guess you're right! I'd be dreading the build up.. no doubt I'll be nervous on Tuesday.. don't suppose Rescue Remedy is ok for CD? lol only kidding ;)

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Thanks Eileen! :D Celebrated tonight.. with a peanut bar and a hot choc mint :) (half pack) ;)


Mummy of 2!
wow well done. and what a rewarding ''job'' you have with the fostering.

i totally get your anxiousness (if thats a word?) i was living in devon but moved back to my hometown last september - i have been trying to get the courage to go to mother & baby groups ever since :eek:

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Loves weight.. training!
Aww.. don't hold back!! Do it next week - you'll love it! :D ((hugs)) go on.. make it your goal for next week!

It's such a joy a young baby/toddler :) My youngest is 4 now, we fostered babies till we moved from Hertfordshire to Wales just over 18 months ago.
It's really hard making a first step.. I still struggle with it on certain things, and walking into a college will be it for sure, but I'm going to do it! :D
The Welsh course I did was in an education centre so much more informal and I did it with my husband so was never alone. :) I went on a night out with the other girls from the course though and goodness it took all my courage to do that! :rolleyes:

Not sure what type of counsellor I'll be at the end of this.. maybe there will be some self help involved too! ;)

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Thanks Hun :)
My need for my own money and a social life meant i left school at 17 with ok qualifications but nothing startling, got job (pretty much dead end) went on to meet OH, married then family. I didnt go to college until i was 35. Local college but did my NC and HNC in childcare so i am now qualified as nursery nurse. Unfortunately, there are no jobs just now in this area but i am working as a support worker in a local school so it meets all my childcare needs and i get the holidays. I had a great time at college. Scary sitting in a class of girls where I was old enough to be their mum (1 girl's mum is my friend!)but there is always mature students. I had great fun, amazing how much came back to me especially when i did the numeracy section.
You'll have a blast, you'll cry, you'll wish you had done it sooner, you'll wish you hadn't bothered but at the end you and all your friends and family will be so proud of you.
I wish you a fabbie time. Do yourself proud.

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