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  1. carla

    carla Full Member

    Hi all,

    Have done 13 weeks on LL with no problems, only 2 weeks to go... I have just eaten! Not good stuff either. :cry:

    Don't know why, and am so cross with myself.

    Do you think I have wrecked it now? I think I am getting so desperate to eat I just snapped. :(
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  3. daisydoll

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    was LL now diet chef
    no you haven't wrecked it!
    put it behind you, learn from it and get straight back on track - 2 weeks will fly by
    how much have you lost in 13 weeks?
    daisy x
  4. saz343

    saz343 Full Member

    Dont panic! Its fine. Put a end to it now and get back on track. The more you worry the more likely you are to carrying on eatting. Get a note of paper and go through your reasons for starting LL. Im sure this will help set you mind straight.
  5. catgirl

    catgirl Full Member

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    lighter life
    you definitely haven't wrecked it. most of my group are getting real cravings now that we're near the end of the 14 weeks.

    just draw a line under it, accept it and yourself and move on. Your head is now trying to tell you that you've wrecked it so you might as well go back to eating things that are bad for you but you've already done 13 weeks on this and probably lost loads of weight!

    this is where you have to be really focused about why you started this in the first place and why it's so important to you. you can do it - if i can anyone can, believe me!

    good luck x
  6. SexyBecks1

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    Hi Carla,

    You are not the only to feel like this or to have done something about these feelings.

    I felt that I had ruined foundation as I had lapsed a couple of times. More so in the past couple of weeks. I am now back on it and taking it one day at a time.

    Whenever I get the urge (which is quite a lot at the moment!!) I just stop and think to myself 'do I need it?' and 'do I not want to be slim?'. That has really helped. I just think that surely I can wait another 3 months to loose the rest of the weight, then I will be able to eat what I want (within reason).

    Don't loose sight of what you have already lost and concentrate on what you can still loose.

    I hope you manage to sort your head out. I know how hard it is so if you need someone to talk to about it just PM me.

    Take care x
  7. thin_inside

    thin_inside I Can Do This!

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    Hi Carla - don't forget we are trying to unlearn habits practiced over many years. It's going to take time and practice. Thirteen weeks is a very short time relatively and if you are close to goal the thoughts of food will be foremost.

    You haven't blown it - just use your feelings to help stop you doing it again. Good luck with getting back on track. One step, one day at a time. xx
  8. carla

    carla Full Member

    Thanks everyone. I think I am back on track now. Weight loss has really slowed recently though and am only losing a couple of pounds a week. I am 10st4 and want to get to 9st7 - thought I would be there by now but it seems to be taking ages.
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