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What have you just eaten?

mines not very interesting as hubby doesnt like me adding things LOL we had oven baked salmon fillets & boiled eggs
Not had it yet but having roast chicken with oven roasted veg...absolutely yum! For afters sugar free jelly and yoghurt! :)
What have you just eaten

My partner and I are both on Cruise phase, we always make sure we have P/P on Friday & saturday so we can have a P/V Sunday lunch.

Today it was Roast beef with Savoy cabbage and Butternut squash mash.
Careful with the babybels Cteena, I thought they were fine and I was eating away at them but apparently they're not and when I dropped them I dropped more weight...
Hi wkdstepmum, thankfully I an not a liker of cheese too much so a packet of them lasts quite awhile. I may have one every hop and a catch. Thanks though.

Im going on a walk with my son and dog then will look forward to a nice warm mug of green tea.
I LOVE THEM... Which is why they can't live in my home ;)
what have you just 'NOT' eaten

Also i have just NOT eaten the fairy cakes my partner and her son have just made....... the swines.
*makes rude gesture... but secretly seethes with cheese-envy* ;)
and now she has left the house to walk the dog and left the tray of fairy cakes..........
Don't go near 'em Delilahdave!!!!
Delilahdave is more obsessional about this dukan diet now than me. Whereas, I have been able to diffrientate between fancying the odd bit of choc or cake (and still lost....) he fears that would make him a failiure.

No matter how much I try to reassure him...those cakes my boy and me made were nice lol. I do feel it important to say there were 12 and I had the two smallest ;)
I'm with him[?] *I always thought Delilahdave was a lady*!!! I can't have anything tempting in my house or I'll nab it... just have those low willpower days and I'd be raging with myself afterwards!
At least you're both on the same plan... I'm on Dukan plan and my OH is on EAT-EVERYTHING-AND-DON'T-GAIN plan! :)
I cant quite shake the feeling that although this diet is all the body requires to run on 'healthy'...there isnt any harm with having alittle of what I fancy every now and again.

*a lady...hmmm* sometimes he acts more of one than me wkdstepmum :)

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