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What have you noticed lately?


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Revelations about diet progress :

This weekend I went to the coast and usually I walk along all the outdoor cafes until I find one which has chairs with no sides cos the sides dig into my thighs and it can get really painful. On Saturday my friend chose a cafe and we went in and sat down and it was half way through the meal when I suddenly realised my thighs weren't in pain and I actually fit comfortably in the chair! Hurray - I can sit in chairs with arms!

What have you all noticed lately about being thinner?
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Thats must of felt really good, I travel to Dublin 3-4 times a year to visit my sister in law and I hate putting on the belt as it used to be right at the end and a bit of a squeeze to put on and I hated my legs touching other passengers. Well last time I flew none of the problems and it was so nice to not worry about it


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Can I just say, Kerryberry you look absolutely incredible, What a transformation. And well done both of ur for ur acheivements. You are proof that if u try with all ur heart it will happen. :)

I cant wait to the point where my jeans dont rip between the thighs because of them rubbing together. I go through far too many pairs. I only have ONE pair left now and no money to buy anymore :(


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Thank you I always get a bit embarrassed about my pics, I ptu them on there to remind me how far I have come and where I don't want to go back to.


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It's been something quite simple for me. There are a range of popular fleece jackets called Galloway, they have designs on them like poppies, wolves, autumn leaves etc. They cost more than I would usually spend on a fleece but are meant to be the kind of quality that will last a good while.
Some are a bit colourful for my liking but I bought one a few years ago that is lilac with small flowers. And I can now fit into it again, I probably only wore it twice when I did fit into it because the weather got warmer.
It is very cosy and great for daytime trips to the shops, weekend walks etc
I must start trying on other items each week to see what else might fit x


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Not being able to cross my arms and rest my arms on my top belly !!! HAAAAAAAA i cant do it anymore!!!! I know that sounds MAD....but it was quite nice being able to have a 'resting place' for my cross arms :D.... but now its all gone...really noticed it on the plane this weekend ...hmm thats an odd one.

Also crossing legs is so easy and practical lol


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Mandy - Boots.. oh yes that's something I am looking forward to - being able to buy boots from somewhere other than Evans which makes the extra wide legs! I have not had knee high boots since I was in early teens.


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This week I've noticed a cardigan that is about mid-thigh length and has never done up because the buttons couldn't meet due to my big stomach and bum.... now does up, and does up without and stretching of material :D

Also my jeans that had been too tight are starting to feel too loose now! Amazing what 12.5lbs can do - am looking forward to my WI on Monday next week when I'll be measured, so I can see what my inchloss has been :D

I've found the thing with my boots too - they were snug, now they don't sit right against my skin and I can stick a finger down the side too! x


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Today I went to get my hair cut and didn't cringe quite so much at my face staritng back at me from the mirror.... you know - when they have wrapped you in a cape and your hair is wet and plastered to your head and you look in the mirror and think ohh noooo. Well today it wasn't so bad :)