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What have you noticed?

I am on CD for the second time, its my 2nd wk and I have lost 1 stone. I feel really good about myself.

I know its only a stone, but I have already noticed that when I exercise I don't sweat as much, and I can walk up the 6 flights of stairs to work and not feels so out of breath.

People say my face looks thinner too, so that spurs me on.

What have you noticed about yourself or that someone has said to you?
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Slowly but surely x
oooh 14lbs in two weeks is phenomenal.
I havent started just yet but when I did CD last time, everyone noticed my tummy and face were less plump. I felt fab!
I had to give up due to a stomach ulcer but im back, now, in prep for my 40th in Feb xx


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well done on such a big loss in 2 weeks!

people have noticed my collor bones coming out since starting cd... :)


Getting married in July!!
Hiyas!! Well im on lipotrim but i believe its a simular diet and i just loved this post. Congrats everyone on your amazing weight losses!!!! U deserve it!!

I have been on it for nearly 8 weeks now and lost nearly two and a half stone...from which iv noticed that my face has become a lot prettier; its more shapely and defined now. Also i hav a lot more confidence when im talking to people or having my picture taken and i have more energy, like a spring in my step.

Congrats again to everyone and keep up the amazing losses! Xx


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well done differentusername.
you are doing really well, and im sure you will get to wear a fab dress for your friends wedding (thats what one of my mini goals were.. and the dress in the picture was my reward!)


Getting married in July!!
Kes no wonder people r noticing ur collar bone- youve lost lots of weight!!!!! What an inpiration!!!!! You look fab all done up for d wedding! Love the dress! You hav me all excited now thinking about gettin to d stage of treating myself to a fab dress for my friends wedding. Its dec 3rd, so its still too early to look yet as i wont know what size ill b by then. Hopefully well down though. Its really is incredable what a difference weight loss can make to our lives! Its hard but i hope i can stick at it like you have cos d results speak for themselves! Xx


Getting married in July!!
Ps kes i just noticed u hav a wedding dress challenge- r u getting married in november?? Im getting married next july. Its so exciting that we're doing this in time to look fab in our wedding pics isnt it!? X


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its never too early to look!!! if you find dresses that you like you can focus on those!
i looked for about 3 months before the wedding at what i would wear. and then went to deb's and tried on loads of dresses.... and then i saw that on online about 3 weeks prior...


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we are having a wedding reception in Australia for all my family and friends... we got married 3 years ago, and we have not been able to afford to go back and do it.. so we are doing this year on th 19th december....
my dress fitting is on the 16th november, so ideally i would love to be able to get into the dress without it having to be taken out.... :)


Getting married in July!!
Aw thats brilliant!!! U'll get such a kick fitting into ur old dress!!... And im sure u will get into it, sur d weight is dropping off u. Well done again on d amazing results. I love seeing before and after pics. R u from auz originally?? I spent 4 mnts in auz earlier this yr, mostly brisbane but also up as far as airle beach and down as far as melbourne. Had fun but man d insects had me distroyed!! They loved my pasty white skin. Im sure d fat prob made it all d tastier for them. Hehe.

Dont think ill look at dress for another few weeks untill i loose some more cos dont want picking something in a skinny shop and then not loosing enough to get into it.


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nope not old dress... NEW ONE!! lol... my original dress was an ebay rip off from china and cost me 80 pounds. and is also too big for me now... the new one is from a proper bridal shop, and being fitted to me...

i am originally from aus, pretty much all over, but loved living in brisbane.... :)
Well I know there must be more of you that want to shout about how fantastic, they are feeling, come on girls and boys dont be shy!


Now Maintaining :)
I've noticed a big difference all over, and so have others. I am almost back to my pre-pregnancy size which is a great feeling.
I'm not sweating as much! I used to only have to do a bit of hoovering and I'd sweat.. made me feel horrible. I think it was all the sugar/junk carbs (chips etc) I was eating. So glad that's improving.

I'm also down a belt notch already :D


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well done on the belt notch!
Hiya, I've lost a stone so far and I've also had comments about my face and stomach being smaller. It's made me feel really good. I also have a bit more energy these days. Looking forward to being slim for the first time in my adult life and buying LOADS of clothes!:D

You guys have done amazingly well. :)
The reason i got so overweight was due to my giving up smoking, and used to huff and puff if walking at speed or uphill. Since piling on the weight i huffed and puffed even worse than before.
So I have noticed I am a lot fitter minus the huff and puffing (think ivor the engine......or am i just showing my age now!!)
Also this summer I experienced for the first time in my life "thigh chaffing"! I have never felt so sore and uncomforatble, i bought some gel which helped but my goodness I used to try and smile to customers but really be thinking my thighs are about to explode,,,and i used to drive with a towel between my legs as the sweat was unbearable (gawd i paint a pretty picture don't I)
BUT NOW it has all gone, i can wear skirts and my thighs don't rub together and i will never take that feeling for granted ever in my life as that was the worst summer of my life!
Dolly xx


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I've noticed how much less tired I am feeling. I was expecting to feel exhausted but I actually feel like I could run a marathon. Before this I could barely muster the energy to go to the toilet.
I have noticed a re-appearance of collar bones and cheekbones and even the hint of ribs and hip bones now! I've noticed the clothes sizes dropping, and I can school the horses for much longer without getting out of breath at all! I generally have more energy and feel bouncier. Apart from right now because I am PMT'ish, I generally feel less emotional as well - no blood sugar fluctuations!
Last time i done this diet, the first thing i noticed was that my engagement ring stopped digging into my fingers.
Then i noticed my bras getting bigger, feet getting smaller then finally my belly getting smaller. I stayed at a size 24 for almost 8 weeks and 3 stone lighter before i dropped a dress size, then i seemed to drop a size every week from there on.

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