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What have you promised yourself when you lose your weight ?

Thats a good idea! Might start that one lol.

Well I have a goal of getting to my target weight before my holiday so thats kinda my reward lol.
I'm the same. I am going to Orlando in December so thats my goal. My reward will be getting to buy lots of 'skinny' clothes in the designer outlet villages. They are amazing. We don't have such amazing bargains for designer clothes in the UK!

Mrs V

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Oooo Amber where are you from then?? I used to live just outside Blackwood, but moved around as a Childrens nanny...now doing something totally different! Lol
Anyway...when I have lost all my weight, I have promised myself a parachute jump (tandem of course) and a new wardrobe! Have come to the conclusion that I dont want to live my life thinking why hadnt I done that....doing the 3 peaks challenge next March as testamont to this (Ben Nevis, Snowdon and Scarfel Pike)...cant wait!!


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I'm doing a £1 for every pound I lose too. I'm trying to put extra in as well because I want a whole new wardrobe. I also want to take a hip hop dance lesson, now I have 2 left feet so it may only be one lesson but I'm gonna try :D


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mine also is a holiday were going to spain in september so i wanna lose another half a stone and be target by then and my reward will be nice slim photos to look back on and not the ones like last year which are awful and my husband refuses to admit i looked awful


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Mrs V i live in mountain ash the valleys way i am going out with my mate when we have the lost weight she joined slimming world before me

Going to cardiff clubbing to make it more special we were going to get a hotel room and meet some friends can't wait got a long road to go though :eek:

Everyone else got great goals !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D
My reward is having more energy to play with my boys. Not to mention I have enough clothes to fashion out a small 3 world country, so with each size I move down i get a new wardrobe. And I am all for that!!=-)

Mrs V

Loves Life!

Scarlet Daisy

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I'm collecting beads and charms for my Trollbeads bracelet as I go (sort of one for each half stone but actually more random than that). I don't really have a reward for target worked out... I guess FREE SW classes will be a reward. :D

I also hear that SW ask target members if they want to become consultants... I'd be tempted to do that, because I have a background in performing and I like people, plus I need a career.


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What have you promised yourself when you lose your weight ?
A baby :)


Finding inspiration
I've promised myself to never gain it back again, as I have done so many times in the past! Life's too short!! Spend it healthy and happy! :D


I will succeed!!!
My OH is sponsoring me, and when I get to target he is giving me £300 to get new clothes!!! Lucky girl! I'm topping this up a little myself too, as I am not buying many new 'interim clothes' and making do :)

My friend buys herself a ring for every stone...solitaire for 1 stone etc etc.



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I get a £ for a lb from my husband, and he says if I reach target (many months hence) then he will double what I've got and I can go out and buy summer clothes and he'll take me and the baby on holiday :)

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