What if it's a false alarm!!??

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  1. Penpen

    Penpen Full Member

    Cambridge Diet
    I know how much CD can affect totm as last month mine was late by about 6 days. However I did take a test then and it was negative.

    Just feeling abit like, I'm not (pregnant that is). No sore boobs, no amazing sense of smell and still got crampy abdomen like I am getting my period. I suppose tests can show false positives so it's possible.

    Maybe I'm getting abit ahead of myself here......I dont know, just feel confused at the moment. And now you've all congratulated me :wave_cry:
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  3. RuthG

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    Have you actually taken a test?
  4. 30FlirtyGirl

    30FlirtyGirl Call me Nicky xx

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    I was told that it is unlikely to be wrong if the test came back positive but could be wrong if the test came back negative.. Bascially if you got a positive you are preggers girl. Enjoy it xx
  5. Naturally_Stush

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    Penny, you took a test I dont think CDC can cause you to have the hormone in your system. Don't worry or panic book a doctor's appt, to make it official.
  6. jackietrew

    jackietrew Will be slim!!!!!!!

    CD - Sole Source
    take a test if you havnt already hun, and if you have already then take another? jsut to make sure
  7. Penpen

    Penpen Full Member

    Cambridge Diet
    Sorry gals, I have taken a test and it did come out positive, very strong lines, I'm just a bit not with it I suppose :) It's all a bit of a surprise still.....ignore me LOL :D
  8. festivalfairy

    festivalfairy Finally a size 12!

    what u like penny ha ha ha ha bless ya xxx
  9. misscheeky

    misscheeky Gold Member

    go to the doctor to make sure at least you will know for sure sure. if you got a pos id say u are hun
  10. abz

    abz Gold Member

    the doc will probably just say that they do the same tests that you do. to get a positive you have to have a certain hormone in your blood so it's very rare to get a false positive. but you can get a false negative (as i'm sure a few people have unfortunately discovered...)

    enjoy it hon. put your mind to rest and get a doc's appointment. and it's always better to be on the safe side with these things so i think you've made the right choice re cd.

    don't worry, be happy :)

    abz xx
  11. sonban

    sonban Addicted to Minimins

    Hiya when I was pregnant I took a home test and it said I was. I went rushing to the doctors who made me take another one to make sure and it said I was not. So 2 days later still no period I took another home one and it said I was pregnant so again back to the doctor who said well if 2 said I was then I must be and I was.

    It is best to take another one just to make sure first morning sample it best to use.
  12. Jools

    Jools Gold Member

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    Hi Hun

    I had 4 false negative home tests and a positive doctors test.

    Hope you are ok! Fingers crossed its positive xxx
  13. Loopy!

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    Congrats hun!
    If in doubt take a test again but I bet it comes back with the same answer!
    If it's any help, when i got my BFP (big fat positive) I had no sickness until i was actually 12 weeks gone. No sore boobs although I did have amaxing smell for a few days before i found out.
    Enjoy it girly, can't wait til I'm preggers again!
  14. Dinosaur

    Dinosaur Full Member

    You can't get a false positive! Also, cramping and TOTM feelings are perfectly normal in early pregnancy - especially around the time your period is due.

    I had really bad period pains before I found out I was pg lasttime. It was the only the fact I wasn't bleeding and the pains went on for 3 days (rather than the usual one) that I bothered to test.

    It will be fine!

    Also in 3 pregnancies I've never had to have a dr's test. I just phoned the mw/receptionist at the dr's surgery when I got to 6/7 weeks and they put me on the list and sent me through a booking in appt.
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