What if LighterLife doesn't work?

Discussion in 'Lighter Life Forum' started by ThinDilema, 12 January 2009 Social URL.

  1. ThinDilema

    ThinDilema Full Member

    Hey Girls and Guys
    Well im begining lighterlife on Thursday night (friday day :)) went to the doctors this morning and got my form signed and now im getting very anxious!! So much im eating more...argh!! :mad::mad::mad:
    So its obvious that im an emotional eater, and im getting very worried that the plan may not work, although im positive about it and going to give it my 100% im really nervous :cry:
    Can some of you amazing people give me your HONEST experiences with the diet, your results, your ups and downs, I just need to know lol...Im a worry wort! :rolleyes:
    Please Help!
    Also my sister in law gave me her lateral thigh trainer (step machine which moves like your skiing - its on the shopping channels sometimes lol!!) So im going to try and spend 15mins on this a day during the diet...seem possible?
    Rachiie -ox-
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  3. RecoveringChocaholic

    RecoveringChocaholic I'm going to be slim

    First of all well done for taking the first step Rachiie
    You are in a better position than I was because although I knew I was over weight I didn't know I was an emotional eater until I started LL
    I have had lots of ups & downs & I now feel the only way to do LL is by following it 100%
    Read your book fill in thought records (this is something I have only just started) I think I had(have )a very low opinion of myself & I now need to address this
    It will work if you want it to you can do it
  4. ThinDilema

    ThinDilema Full Member

    Thankyou RecoveringChocoholic!
    You dont realise how some small encouragement can make you feel better, its like someones putting their arms round you and telling you everything will be ok!
    I think its a scary time because who am I if im not the 'Fat Girl'? Who am I without food as a security blanket?
    I guess its just a ray of emotions which is making the start of my journey a little daunting!
    Thankyou again!!
    Rachiie -ox-
  5. pete10141748

    pete10141748 Postaholic

    Well done for getting started Rachiie, that's one of the big steps :)

    If you give it your all, embrace the ideas 100% and stick to the abstinance, you will lose the weight; you have to!
    When you start LL your mindset is so so different to what it becomes over the time on the program, I was a big time emotional eater (mainly boredom or lonliness) and never thought I could not be, and yet here I am having learnt to deal with those things in a non-food way.

    I guarantee, by the end of Foundation (at least, the first 100 days) you will look back at the way you were, physically and mentally, and it will be like looking at somebody else, you'll barely recognise the person you used to be!

    So give it your all, you can do it :)
  6. ThinDilema

    ThinDilema Full Member

    Thankyou Pete!
    Your pictures are such an inspiration youve done amazingly! I guess its just nerves, I just want to lose weight so badly that im scared of it not working, and me being stuck like this forever!
    I guess i just need to stop thinking about it and wait to begin my new life :)
    Thankyou again
    Rachiie -ox-
  7. Blonde Logic

    Blonde Logic Yes. You can.

    Well, hand on heart, I can honestly tell you this is the easiest, most effective, and already the longest lasting results - albeit just weeks since I completed the plan - but I would have gained by now had I followed some other program.

    I know sometimes I may sound flip. But - it was just SO easy - don;t lapse - that is what makes it difficult.

    And for goodness sake - don't PLAN a lapse - that is just crazy! And in my mind sometimes more fatal then an accidental lapse. You SHOULD be planning to abstain as we are trying to change bad habit and that is the premise in how this diet works. PLanning a lapse, on an abstainance diet, I feel is countr productive to that change. I bet 9 out of 10 planned lapses go wrong, so at the end of the day, you are planning to sabatoge yourself.
    And just look how much grief we give those who sabatoge us - why do it tourselves then?? Never did get that.

    All events, birthdays xmas, team night outs, et.c, will repeat again. You can miss them this time around, and be allthe happier for it. :)

    Stick to it - and you WILL, read that again - you W I L L hit your goal.

    I had NO side effect. O was ver lucky. No bad breath, no coldness, etc. I am sure that helped make it easier for me then others, but it is ust so amazing, and so life changing.

    GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. SexyBecks1

    SexyBecks1 is loving CWP xx

    Hi Rachiie,

    I am feeling exactly the same as you. I decided i wanted to do LL 10 weeks ago and went to the introduction meeting but I had to wait until the new year before she was starting a new group.

    I have done nothing but eat since then and can't seem to stop. Now i have 2 more days before my first meeting and I am finally cutting down. Trying to leave out the carbs if poss to make it easier.

    I do worry that I won't be able to cope but when i think back to doing SW in the summer and to be honest i was probably starving myself then and i was lucky if i lost 2lb!!!

    All i can say is: what have you got to loose by trying it? My other half is not 100% convinced but sometimes I don't think naturally thin people understand.

    I hope you make the right decision. All the girls (and boys) on here are really inspriing. Have a look through the January 2009 starters thread and you will find that everyone else had last minute doubts too. You are not on your own.

    Take care x x
  9. DeckingJim

    DeckingJim Full Member

    Its goona work with only 500 cals a day
    Ive done every diet going and this is a lot easier than Weight Watchers because you either follow it or you dont
    Im only on Day 6 but feel better already
    I have not been hungry once and Ketosis strip is mid range so that tells me my body is burning fat for fuel

    Go fo it


  10. ThinDilema

    ThinDilema Full Member

    Thankyou All of you!!
    I guess im just over analysing the situation!
    Im excited to begin now and become the new me! And hopefully this time in a few months Ill be the person I want to be! :D
    Rachiie -ox-
  11. Huseyin

    Huseyin Silver Member

    Hi Rach

    Sorry to jump in late on this one, its going to work, and its going to work so well you are going to be over the moon :) look at BL's pics as she is a lovely lady we have here, she looks incredible and im sure you will too. Look at any members pics and you will be inspired like i was.

    I think you will be just fine and i cant wait to see you happy and loosing weight... also the the pics will be fab!

    you have come to the right place
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  12. Mini_Me

    Mini_Me LighterLife Returner


    It will work - just as long as you recognise there are two aspects to making LL successful for you:

    Losing the weight quickly and becomeing a healthy, 'normal' body.
    That is less than half the effort/importance.

    The second aspect is learning how not to get back to where you were, being overweight. This is more important in my opinion, and more than half the struggle.

    So as long as you start LL knowing these two aspects, and accepting that you will need to focus on both of them, and not just losing the weight, then you will be fine


  13. Blonde Logic

    Blonde Logic Yes. You can.

    Thanks H! :eek::D Really kind of you to say! :)


    (and I agree - people pics were the best source of inspiration for me on my journey.....its true - a picture paints a thousand words. :))
  14. horseclutter

    horseclutter Full Member

    It does work as others have said, take each day as it comes and before you know it you will be slim and you will look back and think, omg hasn't the weeks as in my case 6 month flew by, and you will be so glad you stuck to it. I done an AI holiday 7 weeks into ss but stayed focused because I knew I would go on holiday again but as a slimmer person. My pics are on here, it does work. Good luck x
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  15. daisydoll

    daisydoll Gold Member

    hi there
    i was just the same before i started. i only told 2 people and after rabbiting away for a couple of hours my mate said 'for goodness sake just do it, stop over analyzing and do it' - i think she was sick of the sound of me!

    she was right and i started last week.

    it will work

    the 'after' is the bit i'm worried about tbh, this bit is easy as there is no choices to make.

    i have had no side effects yet apart from a headache for a couple of hours on day 2.

    i've not been hungry, which has amazed me!

    good luck, finding this board has got to be a massive plus too, everyone is great!

    daisy x
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  16. gary girl forever

    gary girl forever Full Member

    im on day 6 and i have to say i am worried that im not loosing anything or that i will ever loose enough, i guess its all part of it, and im hoping and praying that in 6 months time i will be saying how much i lost, i know its only day 6 for me and i have to admit im finding it one of the hardest things ive ever done, but ive not cheated at all and i am hoping that i wil be rewarded by this programme actually doing what it says on the label! good luck x
  17. slendablenda

    slendablenda Gold Member

    Hi Emma

    It does do what it says on the packet - if you do!
    Living proof sitting here.
    Good luck
  18. Blonde Logic

    Blonde Logic Yes. You can.

    Well done you for sticking to it - especially during the tough starts!! WEll done!

    It WILL work, and you will be pleasantly surprised at the scales!!

  19. skinnydebs

    skinnydebs Full Member

    Hi Emma

    Totally understand your thoughts while in week 1 and still getting used to shakes and soups and deciding which ones you like, don't like, what routine to get into, etc and especially if you've done other diets like WW and really can't tell how you've done until you get on their scales.

    With this one though (and it's not a diet but a change of life!) as long as we follow the instructions and stay abstinent it's a no brainer - your body is surviving on 530 calories a day - you are going to lose weight!

    Follow the plan and you too will be saying in 6 months time how much you've lost - well in less than that time I'm certain of it! And you'll look back to your first week and be so pleased you started it! Lots of luck!

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