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half my weight to drop - Yes I Can !

Discussion in 'Slim and Save - Diaries' started by TaraSW, 27 June 2014 Social URL.

  1. TaraSW

    TaraSW Full Member

    Im not new to VLCD's by a long shot, first time i tried one was about 10 years ago with LighterLife! I lost 2 dress sizes, very fast but didn't stick to it and reach goal, ever since i have tried over and over again, never for longer than 3 weeks with different VLCD diet including slim and save roughly a year n half between eachother..... I guess i was never really ready and my selfsabotage is STRONG - i am such an all or nothing person and even thinking about cheating would make me feel guilty - silly moo.

    I am now at my heaviest that I have weighed myself at (i have been bigger but i hid from the scales) currently 22st10lbs and I my Goal is 11st5lb by this time next summer.

    I started on sunday just gone and have decided to weigh in every 3 weeks to record my progress as otherwise it messes with my head. I just want to focus one day a time and not think about how much is coming off and how fast. I know the diet works and as long as I keep going this time and dont give up if i 'cheat' and just be more loving of myself I will do it, the weight will fall off and I will reach my goal.

    I just really dont want weight to be an issue anymore, holding me back from what i want to be doing - for example - HANDSTANDS! I have never done one and I really want to! I want to do yoga without my fat getting in the way of progress - eg not being able to cross my legs coz here is just too much thigh in the way.

    I have never been a healthy weight, and I am done being the big girl. Looking forward to this journey, i know its gonna be emotional. I've been watching alot of videos on youtube that have really helped me get in a good mindset and face reality.

    p.s. Lawrence B, a cambridge diet counsellor, has a great youtube page called dual dynamics. He is soo inspiring and so real and straight to the point. I love it - when i started on sunday i said i wasnt going to weigh myself for a good while - but after watching his videos I took his advice and stopped being silly. I have to be 100% real with myself, clear about what i want and committed to achieving it no matter what. I highly recommend his page if anyone wants a lil boost in motivation/focus. :)

    so happy to be here - havent tried writing a diary before - muchos love to you all

    Lets Do This Thing!


    :heartpump: Tara :heartpump:

    Last edited: 29 June 2014
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  3. pripri121

    pripri121 Gold Member

    Heyy hun welcome, wishin u al the luck and support with ur journey, al the ladies here are fab for support and i will be following :)...we al soo can do this :) woop woop xx the diaries on here r soo inspirational and i find it very gd for distraction :p hehe which i have done so mny times n stil do hehe to keep me focused :) x and u will love havig a diary i love tho at the beginnin did feel bit odd bt omg nw cnt imagine not havin one lol i have ranted in there for england lol haha x
  4. TaraSW

    TaraSW Full Member

    Ahhh thanks piripiri :) at work atm.. gonna have a look for ur diary when i get home. The apps features on my phone aint as good as being online on the web to find stuff easy.

    Cheers to a good day :)
  5. TaraSW

    TaraSW Full Member

    Omygosh how embarrassing... i read ur name wrong... lol i saw piri piri... sorry pripri... bloomin tasty nandos must be at the back of my mind...
  6. pripri121

    pripri121 Gold Member

    Lol aww not a problem hun n yh lol know the feeling dnt blame u for havin nanndos at bk of ur mind lol i miss it not had it in ages lol...hope ur havin a gd day :) mwhz
  7. oO~SaDiA~Oo

    oO~SaDiA~Oo Full Member

    Hey Tara, It's like reading my own life there! you are doing really well! hope your days going ok.
  8. TaraSW

    TaraSW Full Member

    Lol thnx pripri :))

    Sadia thnx shuga my day has gone smoothly... i have one pack left which i am going to have when i get in in about an hour. Think i should stop saving one till i get home to get me out of the have something before bed habbit. Not good.

    Days gone fast and with zero hiccups, its one week in 2 days... feels like ive been doing it longer than 5 days tho... feels v normal... wasnt expecting that. Off to check in on ur diary sadia :)

    Muchos love ladies n any gents out there doing this thing ;) xx
  9. oO~SaDiA~Oo

    oO~SaDiA~Oo Full Member

    Hey Tara! Im glad your day went really well I love your determination I know what you mean about the packet before bed thing Im not sure if it's just comforting or something to do with past eating habits I got myself into some bad late night eating whilst studying. It took a while to shift. I usually have a cuppa tea an hour or so before bed now instead.

    LOL you make me laugh! Altho I have to say the fellas on this diet make me a little depressed because they loose the weight so quickly men's bodies being wired differently and all fat just drops off them!

    Alas with the motivation going around this forum I reckon we will all be down to our goal weight really soon :) yay! xXx
  10. TaraSW

    TaraSW Full Member

    I think its a mix of both for me comfoeting coz its what im used to doing from past eating habbits.... cuppa tea instead snds good :)

    N re the guys... i know!!!! No matter what diet it is.. guys loose faster! Even during my lil stint with slimming world, they were loose 5 - 6 lbs a week! Lol well jel....

    i am soooo not thinking bout how much im loosing or how fast this time. Just focussed on doing it right n letting it happen. Im almost a week in now and have 2 weeks till my first weigh in :))

    Gonna have a nice lil meditation im a min then go about my day

    Have a good one sadia and everyone :)
  11. oO~SaDiA~Oo

    oO~SaDiA~Oo Full Member

    I know it's fab you are nearly a week into it already it goes so fast! I think weighing yourself every few weeks shows great determination! Iv'e limited myself to the home scales this time like you it played on my mind and I really want to succeed this time!.

    Meditating sounds like a good idea I really need to get into yoga been playing on the idea for ages!

    Have a good day hun xx
  12. Clinquant

    Clinquant Gold Member

    Well done on your getting in the zone and starting a diary. It really made a huge difference to me. Had a couple of breaks for Christmas and a big birthday in May and it really helped getting back on track after to know there were people here watching out for me and willing me to do it. You have a really good attitude in thinking about just sticking to the plan rather than stressing about the amount of weight and I'm sure weighing every three weeks will be really helpful - I wish I could stay away but I weigh every day I've just learned not to let it mess with my head.

    Meditating helps so much with the anxious stuff that often leads me to eat, so that's a great thing to have in your toolbox.

    I had a similar starting weight to you and am the same height and I've lost nearly 8stone since September. Everything is so much better - it's hard but it really is so so worth it. Looking forward to seeing you do this.
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  13. TaraSW

    TaraSW Full Member

    Evening Buddies :)
    Sadia - yoga is amazeballs, i deffo recommend giving it a go if you feel drawn to it and also meditation is something beautiful.... really does help in so many different ways.

    Clinquant - wow you've done amazing! 8 stone since september is fantastic and with those lil break in there too - so so awesome :) and very encouraging! High 5 for meditation!

    Hope you've had a fabulous day, mine went v smoothly and I am so focussed on other stuff right now that the sticking to the packs is really convenient and im finding it easy.. no cravings for food or anything like that and today no thoughts like 'just have a little bit' to overcome like a few of the days this first week. Im very thankful for how many times i''ve messed up in the past trying to do a VLCD and will not become complacent, i am fully committed to doing this and i will keep persisting to the finish line :)

    This is actually the best i have done since my first attempt all that time ago - lol how sad and great is that at the same time... this time feels different. I dont feel like ive come to this in desperation or needing a last resort etc.... Its more from a place of - I am ready for change and I know i have more to focus on with loosing weight like the emotional aspects and really letting go of being comfortable in this safe zone of not really living. Hiding. I just know this works so here I am. easy option - not a hard one :)

    Thanks so much for the encouragement/support ladies- so very much appreciated :)) So nice to have a space to think on paper, really does help - Sadia if you didnt ask me about a diary i wouldnt have started one :) thank you chica!
  14. TaraSW

    TaraSW Full Member

    Woke up in such a good mood! Im dancing rnd the house dusting and mopping with the music on full blast n shakin my tail feather!

    Danced rnd my room getting ready for work yday too.... feelin so gooooooood.... wanna make this a daily habbit! LOVE IT!

    Have a fabulous day everyone!
  15. oO~SaDiA~Oo

    oO~SaDiA~Oo Full Member

    LOL Tara! Your words and thoughts echo mine, it's so weird! I totally understand the mind set you are in this does feel so different this time. The past mistakes i'm convinced are the reasons for it too, I feel much more ready and in control of my mind and thoughts process, I remember the first few days last time my mind was constantly on food. It was horrible! But Not now!

    I am so on Yoga eek I so excited! Me too I'm glad I asked about your Diary!! reading it is making my heart dance! ahah

    We can do this! Girl! xx:smoke:
  16. TaraSW

    TaraSW Full Member

    Ahhh Sadia thats put a massive smile on my face... and sent a warm feeling through me ! Hugs n high fives!!

  17. TaraSW

    TaraSW Full Member

    We got this!
  18. Clinquant

    Clinquant Gold Member

    How are you doing today. Hopefully still starting the day dancing?!! :)
  19. TaraSW

    TaraSW Full Member

    Hey hunn.... day is going well so far, ive been out n about so had a bar, lookin frwd to spag bol pack when i get in in a bit...

    when i got home last night had mad thoughts to binge from no where.... i wasnt hungry n didnt even fancy any of the food that was out on the worktop. Not sure where it came from exactly but i just went straight to mu room n watched some youtube vids to get my mind back right n stop being silly.

    Still on the straight n narrow :))

    Hows ur day going ?
  20. Clinquant

    Clinquant Gold Member

    Those mad thoughts come from nowhere. I think week 2-3 is a bit mental. Initial enthusiasm drops a bit and it seems like a while before the compliments start. I think it's the hardest bit but stick with it and it will soon seem like business as usual and the compliments start flooding in and clothes start fitting.

    Bit of an odd day for me as my dad in hospital and my mum broke her leg two weeks ago - ropey timing- so I'm looking after her. But both ok so just relaxing and watching the tennis.
  21. TaraSW

    TaraSW Full Member

    Sorry to hear about your mum n dad but glad they're both ok :)

    And thanks for your comment, it was exactly what i needed to hear :)) c'mon week 4! Lol

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