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what im doing

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hey guys been on and off here more times than i can think just a wee note to let you know where im at.
last week was prob one of the most difficult ive had recently. got told my gran had contracted mrsa in hospital so is now in isolation that was monday, tues was in the most unbelievable pain since childbirth, got taken to hospital where i was told i had kidney stones, wed went to my doctors who has advised me to come off ll completely (there was bile in my urine samples???!!!) i have to eat normally....... WHAT??? I either binge or abstain!!!
i have however taken his advice tho, i know im damagaing myself (mind and body) when i do this. i then got told on fri that my gran may not survive:cry::cry:
shes 93 and been through such a lot since july she cant fight anymore. she broke her hip then as the epidural wasnt working they had to give her a general anaesthetic for her hip replacement and she had a massive stroke which wasnt picked up on till 24hrs after as they kept her sedated..... so so sad. just cant keep up the pretence anymore that everything is fine so im totally taking a step back from the dieting thing.
just wanted to let all you great guys whats up with me just now. you are all inspirational in your own way and the way you are all getting on through your ll journey is what makes it unique and YOUR journey. no two are the same and its great reading the highs and lows. its helped me feel like im normal to know everyone goes through the same thing.
i might be taking a wee step back from the forum, im just tooo emotional the nu. ill be back ( in the famous tone of arnie) take care xx
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So sorry to hear all yuor news Carrie. :( <<<hugs>>> When it rains, it certainly does pour.

I will keep good thoughts for your gran. Its a horrible part of life, this.

Look after yourself, get yourself healthy and through these tough times and then you can look at things more clearly and make a new plan. You are wise to look after yourself now.

Good luck with everything.



is Magdalicious
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Oh Hun :(
Sorry to hear about your nan, it must be so so difficult. I hope you will get better soon too but please, please don't feel bad for having to come off LL. Your health should be your priority at the moment and i am sure you will be back when you're ready.
Wishing you all the best of luck xxxx
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Hi Carrie, sorry to hear about your nan. Please try and hold on to the thought that we don't get given what we cannot handle.

Life may be utterly rubbish at the moment for you but it will get better and you will feel ok again.

It's good that you are emotional and I hope you are able to have a ruddy good cry when you feel like it!

You may have to come off LL but that is only for now and your kidney stones may be disolved through medication or they may zap them with a laser so please don't think that this is forever.
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Sending you a big hug Carrie. I can't really add anything to what's been said, just take care of yourself and your loved ones xxx
We'll be thinking of you and your fsmily Carrie and we'll welcome you back any time.
Love and hugs and prayers for your Nan. Poor lady.


Silver Member
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So sorry to hear about your sad times Carrie :( take time out to take care of you and your family and when you're ready to come back we'll all be here with open arms <big hug>


awww carrie god love you, so so sorry to hear about you and your poor nan, cruel world at times, BIG hug for you and im thinking of you xx

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