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what is a heathy bmi?


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I think its 19 - 25 for a woman depending on your height & build.



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yeah it is if you google bmi index it will bring up a loads of sites where you can work out what is healthy for you x
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Between 19 and 25 but it depends on your age and build as well I believe. I'm aiming for around 23 but I have a large frame and haven't been that weight since I was a teenager so who knows, it may not suit me!

If you aim for around 23 it will give you some leeway but reassess when you get closer coz you want to be happy with what you see in the mirror.

Good luck.



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ok i just went onto nhs and done my bmi and it says in there my bmi is
Your BMI is 29.5

If your BMI is between 25 and 29.9 you're over the ideal weight for your height. Make sure you eat a healthy, well-balanced diet and don't eat more calories than you need to.

but my ticker says i am 33.33 so i well confused now
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What is your weight in kg and your height?



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You ticker says 30.3 so there isn't that much difference. One of them probably asks more detailed questions like sex, age etc.

Don't forget BMI is only rough and only one measure of a healthy weight.


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oh rgt ok ta this one asked me my weight height sex ect. i am 5"6 and weight 13st3lbs dont know it in kg as i havent got a clue when it comes to kg
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13 stone 3 is about 84.09kg.
5'6" is about 1.676m

Your BMI is weight divided by height in m squared
I make yours 29.94.

Hope that helps.



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yeah it does thank you i wanted to know that once i lost the weight would i have a heathly bmi which i think i will. xxx
In my opinion BMI is not something i really worry about, i don't think it's a true health guide.
It's been used for over 100 years by doctors etc. but a lot of professionals now look at as being totally out of date. It only takes into account your height/weight and not your bodyframe.

A lot of the fittest sportsmen/women in the world would be classed as being obese:eek:, this is mainly because body muscle is heavier than body fat.

But as i said this is my opinion, i worry more about my waist size;)

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