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What is going on?!

S: 13st5lb C: 13st3lb G: 11st11lb BMI: 37.3 Loss: 0st2lb(1.07%)
Hey all,

I had my second weigh in with my consultant yesterday and I have put on 1lb :eek:

What the hell is going on? I am in ketosis. OK, I admit that on a couple of nights I had TWO malt toffee bars as opposed to the one that I am allowed. I just can't believe that this made me gain weight. I'm getting really worried about what will happen when I introduce food :confused:

Has anyone experienced this during the second week weigh in (or to be specific it's Day 17 for me).

OK, I'm off to the corner now to sob my heart out :cry:

BTW, the progress in my signature are my home weigh in (always on monday morning!) & not the 'official' weigh in.
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S: 15st2lb G: 11st0lb
Oh no you must be so dissapointed :( but if I was you I would go by your own weigh ins that show you did lose. There could be lots of reason, different time of day or TOTM. Dont let it put you off track you are doing well. Maybe something to do with having such a big loss in the week, I'm quite worried that I wont lose next week either. Best of luck x
I know it's hard advice to follow, but don't worry. Believe in the process and you can't help but lose. An extra bar occasionally is not going to make you gain (though too often and I guess it could reduced weightloss). The truth is there are many reasons for gaining which are nothing to do with fat, and the good news is that they all sort themselves out with a larger than normal weight loss the following week, or the one after. So carry on it will be worth it!


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i am hopeful of this big loss after a rubbish week but it seems doubtful for me at the mo - 3lbs then 2lbs and looks like nothing this week :(


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awww please please dont be sad i really do feel your heartbreak but i am sure next week will be a better week and maybe this week is a bad time like nette says could be pms or that you just have retained a lot of water...... keep thinking positive thoughts sending you lots of P.M.A
wipe those tears and smile and chin up xxxx
I know it's frustrating. After a good first week back I have so far lost only 1 lb ( and from the looks of the scales this morning have put a half lb back on! (I know I risk a torrent of advice against daily weighing lol!) I know I have stuck to plan all week so it is impossible for me not have lost fat, and I know a lot of reasons why fat loss doesn't show on the scales, but it is frustrating not to see the progress on the scales. I know if I stick to plan the bigger losses will come from time to time, but if they don't I'll just have to be happy that I am down, however little week on week, and that I haven't gained. Take care and keep going - it is working and you are moving closer to the slimmer, healthier you.
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I know it's very easy to have the mindset of i'm starving myself so i should be losing a million lbs a week!

You have to force yourself to think that actually, if you stick to the diet, even if it's not showing on the scales or in inches or both, it MUST be doing some good, you can't possibly be on that strict a diet without it working, even if it's a delayed reaction. I read someone say that dieting clears away fat from around your internal organs, so on a no progress week, maybe that's what's been happening!

Also, even if you cheat, if it's not too much, you're still eating way less than pre-diet levels, you're still dieting.

And if you mega cheat or have a break and put weight on, it's mostly glycogen at first and should come straight back off when you go back on CD.

So essentially, keep at it and it WILL be worth it at the end*

*at least that's what i keep telling myself :)
This is why VLCDs promise a stone a month, on average, as the usual weight loss. Fluid and hormone levels go up and down, up and down all day long and vary from one day to another. So the one stone figure is taken as an average over each month of the diet. Most people lose a bit more than that, some lose less, but that is the average, IF you stay on-plan.

I am one of those who advise against daily weighing but only because of the mood-crushing effect not seeing a loss often has on the weigher.

Think of your losses over the month and not the week. That is the most accurate way to measure them.
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Have to agree, I have fallen into the habit of daily weighing and when the scales aren't kind it is crushing. Can destroy a happy mood in an instant! x
S: 13st5lb C: 13st3lb G: 11st11lb BMI: 37.3 Loss: 0st2lb(1.07%)
Ahhh thanks girls.

I know that having the bars are my danger point as I never seem to be able to stop at one. I can't give them up. So I've reached a solution. I will carry on buying the bars and having ONE bar for supper. I will keep the bars at work and just take one from desk at the end of each day :D

I never overeat at work, it usually in the evening at home.

My official weigh in on Tuesday and I have no bars left. So, here's hoping that I will lose something this week.

Thanks for your support. It's weird how even small word of encouragement mean a world of difference x


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Hiya glad that u seem happier. And yes agree with you about small words give lots of encouragement. But they do say good things come in small packages xxxxx