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What is idea behind slimming world?

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I have 6 stone to lose and I'm thinking of following slimming world.

The next local class isn't until next week so I'm trying to get as much info as possible before joining.

I'm not going to be able to stay to the class as I have a 2 year old and 7 month old and don't think that either would sit still for an hour. To be honest, I think I'll have a battle on my hands to stop my toddler getting on the scales with me!! :D

Can you tell me how the diet works?
The gist I've got so far is that red days are eat as much lean protein as you want and the greens are eat as many carbs as you want.

My downfall is my appetite - I'm always hungry and snacking when I'm stressed or tired, which is all the time with 2 handfuls.

Also, if I were to do the diet myself (at home) what books would I need? I've been looking on eBay and guess that I simply need the starter pack, which is going for about £25.



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Why don't you buy the magazine, I think it has a 7 day eating plan to give you an idea, I'm only new to slimming world but beleive me you aint hungry!!

I do extra easy and have my 3 meals a day and snack on fruit in between. If I want something nice I use my sins on a night, brilliant x x


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Hi, and congrats on joining SW!

I believe the plan is based on healthy eating and satiety - eating the combination of foods which fill you up, while at the same time maintaining an overall calorie deficit to enable weight loss.

Eating the foods in the way designed means that most people will feel full long before they eat too much, meaning that most people can eat as much as they like of the 'free foods' and still lose weight. It's great for not having to weigh and measure (much) or count calories specifically.

You should join the class, even if you can't stay for the full hour. You'll get your books cheaper than ebay, brand new and current, and a diet explanation from your consultant, which you should DEFINITELY make time for.

Then you can attend class each week, just to get weighed if you really can't stay. I have a seven-year old who always comes to class with me, but we rarely stay because she would be bored rigid.

I find the discipline of going regularly to class each week, even just to get weighed has helped me enormously in terms of focus and motivation.
It usually costs £10-£15 to join slimming world, and I would suggest that it you're going to follow it from home it might be worth popping along to one class to join, have the chat from the consultant and then flee with your books and follow it from home then - that way you can ask any questions about anything you're not sure about. It would certainly cost less than getting them off ebay too!

They've changed their plans recently. The red and green plans still have lists of free foods you can eat as much as you want of, healthy extras, which are portion controlled foods of nutritional benefit, and syns, which are treats and extras.

The new plan called Extra Easy is just that. It works on the basis of free food, which combines both red and green free foods, healthy extras and sins again. However on this plan you have to eat three meals a day and one third of eat meal needs to be 'super-free food', which is essentially just fruit and veg (other than spuds, parsnip, peas). It's good as it makes it easier for the whole family to eat together, and makes it much more flexible. The only downside is less healthy extras, but that's easy to work round with so many other food options!

The diet works by focusing on foods that will fill you up and keep you full for longer. I personally find that it promotes a much healthier attitude to food, especially if you have a big appetite, as there's nothing wrong with snacking when you're hungry or having big meals, it's just about choosing the right foods to achieve a balanced diet.

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Ooo Laura, I cetainly wouldnt pay that much for a starter pack, its much cheaper to go to a class and get it. You could just get the stuff and not go back and then you would have the up-to-date information for a lot less than that!
I have a 4 year old and I know how difficult it is to get her to sit still for an hour, but it does get better! If you think that just going and weighing would benefit you, then do that anyway Hun.
I have done SW on my own and yes it can be done, but you have to be really focused. Coming on here helps believe me!
If you get the chance have a look at the SW food diary section on here, it will give you some ideas before you can get to a class. There is also a link that you can look at that gives you the jist of the plans.(top of the main section page).
Dont think about how far you have to go, as that really is depressing! Just think about how good you are going to look instead!
I never thought that I would ever see myself almost 8 stone 7lbs lighter, but if I can do it, anyone can!

Good luck!



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Lol Circes you beat me to it!

Just had a look on the Slimming World website, the current joining offer is "first week free". So you would pay £10 for your membership pack, and no subscription (usually £4.95 a week) for the first class, and then would have all the up to date stuff to work with, and £10 is a LOT cheaper than ebay. You have to sign up before June 12th to get this offer.

Hope that helps. If you could find someone to watch your little ones while you went to class though, you may find this of benefit in helping to stay on track. If you dont think you need that support mechanism, then as others have said, go to the first class, and get the materials and do it at home.

Theres lots of help and support on here, even if you dont feel like class is for you!

Good luck!

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