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What is inspiring you to make SW work for you?


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Originally I posted this in my diary but, on Funcurls' suggestion I'm posting here.

I am really enjoying Slimming World. The control it has given me, when all else seems so out of control, is awesome, and the losses on the scales just push me to work as hard as possible to stay on track. There are currently three things that are spurring me on: firstly is an industry dinner (very posh do) in Cardiff. It means wearing a posh frock and everything! The last few years I have felt so out of place and I would love to feel better about myself this year. Next, is a work trip to Nashville. The thought of losing weight for this trip in June is really making me focus! And lastly is the trip to Argentina that I hope to make at the end of the year. I haven't seen most of my family for years and would so love to lose weight and surprise them all. So, they are the three main things that make me focus (not to mention the fact that I would love to feel better about myself, not be 'the fat one' in photos and not feel like the odd one out amongst my slim friends). What are the things that spur you on to lose weight? Xx
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What a great idea!

For me it is my holiday in July to America. My boyfriend is going there for 2 months and I am meeting him for the last couple of weeks so if I could look...well...as good as I can and surprise him that would be AMAZING!!
I want to take loooads of photos while I'm there but previously have avoided the camera...I want to show everyone my holiday photos and not be ashamed of my size!

Also, I bought a dress a few sizes too small and whenever I think about going off-track I go and look at this beautiful dress and think about how happy I will feel when I can fit into it!

Aaand, I am now in the frame of mind that I can actually shift the weight, and I keep thinking of all the things I will want to do when I eventually do...so in a way I'm determined not to dissapoint myself!

I have a "do" as well, at the end of May. Now I won't be on target by then I'm well aware, but I'd like to not feel like the biggest frump in the room. Well, the tent, it's a party in a marquee on a football pitch. Actually, I don't want to feel like I could be wearing the tent.

I also don't want another birthday to come around with me deciding that by the *next* one I'll be thin. I've been doing that for at least 10 years. If I'd started when I first said that and only managed 1/2lb a month I'd be on target by now.

Main reason is: most of my social life revolves around a football club I do weekend voluntary work for. It's full of young men. VERY hot young men. Now, I know I pretty much pass for about 8-9 years younger than I really am (good genes). So, if I were a jaw dropping stunner, the one I fancy might not just see me as the girl that pours the tea but the girl with the great bootie (good jeans).

I am meeting up with a few girlie mates I haven't seen for about 3 yrs in may. Now the last time they sawe I wasn't overweight, I wad just healthy, this time I really want to feel good about myself, baring in mind these are all skinny minis!!

For my birthday I am going to ladies day at the races, I would love not to feel fat in a pretty dress, but tbh I'm running out of time since my losses are so slow. Hoping for a few really good weeks to get my losses happening xxx
What a great idea for a thread:cool:
My motivation is-
I'm fed up being fat!!!! I saw a pic taken of me about 7 years ago -OMG- horrendus- I look old and matronly:wave_cry:! have lost some weight since then - but wow what a shock!!!it is going to be my before pic- I was horrified when I found it!!uuuuuuhhhhhhhhh Such motivation not too look like that again!! Am so scarlet by it I couldn't even put it up on the fridge to keep me out of it!!!! lol:eatdrink051:
I can't say I just had a baby......he is 3 on Monday!!! have to baby belly to prove it (still:cry:)
10 year wedding anniversary-:love047:- I want to be skinner than my wedding day- spent the last 10 years gradually getting bigger!!:(
Take That concert in June:cool:- I don't want to look past it!!:wee:
A wedding I have been invited to- I want to wear a slinky dress- don't do dresses.:banana dancer:
I want to get a family photo taken- have avoided it because I simply didnt want to have a forever reminder...:family2:
And I want the feel good factor:queen:
Great thread! I rejoined sw for a thousand reasons. A few of then being, my husbands nearly six years younger than me and pretty hot (I'm scared I'm starting to look like his mum) we've got a family wedding in Greece ( his family) in august and I haven't seen his mum and dad for about 7 years and I was slim then. My best friend is drop dead gorgeous along with a few of my other friends who r all slim. I want to at least look presentable next to her! ( it's not her fault, i have issues with her being so pretty, and doesn't know either) lastly I wAnt to look good in clothes, not cover up in leggings and long cardies! Oh I've just realised how superficial I sound!! ;-)


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Ooohh this is such a great idea for a thread - I have many reasons for losing weight:

A) Its my 21st birthday this year and i really don't want to be hiding behind my friends (Who are all skinnier than me) as you only turn 21 once.
B) I'm tired of being the 'fat one' in both my friends group and family
C) Its my graduation this year and i want to look good in a pretty dress instead of hiding behind my clothes

Good Luck everyone one achieving you goals :D Xx
Every year at work, we have a teachers race for sports day. I know i'll never be the fastest but I would like to at least look like I was moving with some speed behind me! All the kids parents are there and although its just a bit of fun, I was mortified how slow I was last year! Im turning thirty next year and would love to go to new york to shop for some fabulously slinky cothes. My motivation is to get to target by then and happily smile when someone asks to take a photo!


is not so little
Oh, I'm chuffed with all these replies!
I find that really thinking about, and writing down, my goals helps me to focus and not lose heart when I have had a bad day or my losses aren't what I had hoped for! Well done all of you, and I really hope that going back to your goals when you're struggling will help you to put the slip-ups behind you and keep on keeping on :)
what a great idea for a thread :D

Well my first reason for starting SW was that I literally had no control over things happening in my life that changed it drastically. I had a brain tumour, needed surgery & was going through a nasty divorce all at the same time :sigh: 2 more surgeries later.......
I piled on the pounds, and the pounds went into stones :eek: so I gave myself a good talking to (with the help of my lovely new OH who is my Rock) thought well I cant control the health stuff then I can damn well control what goes in my gob ;) so here I am - much happier......and almost halfway to target (took the scenic route by gaining 11lbs at xmas on a 4 wk hol to mexico :D)
My inspiration was purely eventually got fed up of not looking good in my clothes & feeling totally horrible on nights out etc. Then round Christmas time I had enough and me & my mother joined on the 6th of Jan I've lost 1 and a half stone so far and mam almost a stone! Think after numerous times of trying half heartedly on my own at home to bite the bullet & really go for it :D

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Great thread

My first motivation is that I made a promise to my lovely sis when she was losing her battle with ovarian cancer that I WOULD shift my weight (ok it took me another year after losing her to make a start -but Im on my way) - so I can't break a promise like that

Now I have signed up to the trek in Nepal next year in honour of sis and my mum who had breast cancer last year :sigh:(its over my sisters and mums birthday too :D) -for the "women for women" charity and it would be nice to enjoy it and NOT to have air rescue have to come for me :p

then on a slightly more superficial front... I haven't seen my family since I started and I want to be at target before we move home so i can no longer be "that person" I have always been...
and of course I want to go out with hubby looking hot hot hot :D
Definitely a good idea this thread.
I am 50 this year, have a beautiful grandson who is four this year and there isn't a single photograph of me with him because I can't stand to look at myself, never mind have the image immortalised! I don't even look in a mirror below my neck and only then so I don't poke myself in the eye with my eye liner, haha.
So, apart from being more comfortable whilst I put my socks on :D I would like to have a nice photograph in my purse of me and the light of my life.
Good luck to one and all.
Bless you Capricorn, Are you going to set up a Just Giving page to collect money for a charity?


is not so little
Even more great posts!
Constantlydizzy - after what you've Ben through, losing weight must be easy! I really hope you get to where you want to be.
Capricorn - very clever of your sister! My grandmother made me promise her the same thing, although it's taken me reading your post to remember that. I have taken long enough to start, but it really is something I can focus on when I'm having a bad day.

I hope your losses this week are what you hope for!

Thanks folks...
Sis was a smart cookie -we had both battled with our weight since our teens, so now she has given me no choice but to shift the weight :p
Thanks Twinkle, yep I have set up a just giving page and put a link in my signature, Im in the midst of sorting out for a carboot I am booked for in May, and making bookmarks, phone dangles etc to sell too.(some pics in my albumns)
Im really excited about the trek and see it as a kind of reward for geting to target -Which I WILL do before I go :vibes:
Can't see your album yet, not enough posts.
So was glad to see a pic of your phone dangles on the JustGiving page. Theyr'e great Capricorn :0clapper: I would buy one :D

Can't see your album yet, not enough posts.
So was glad to see a pic of your phone dangles on the JustGiving page. Theyr'e great Capricorn :0clapper: I would buy one :D

Thankyou sooo much for your donation -its so kind of you... PM me your address and I will send you a "dangle" any colour preference?
You're most welcome :D
PM? sorry, haha
You're most welcome :D
PM? sorry, haha
Send me a Private message :p -ahh you may not be able to until you have posted 50 messages Im not sure :confused:.. see if you can and if not I will hunt you down when you have posted 50 times:D
Sorry to be dense. I can't see anything that says PM, so maybe it's not available just yet :(
That's a very kind offer from you Capricorn and much appreciated :D
I've never used a forum before, and am so glad I now have. Ppl on here really are so kind and helpful. Generous with both friendship and patience. :D
I truly wish you well in all your endeavours

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