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What is it with fish?????

I am in week 19 of abstinence.

I have not been tempted by food since day 1 which I am exceptionally proud of.

For the last few weeks I have thought about fish and I even look at it with sheer glee knowing that soon I will be able to tuck in.

Here is the wierd bit...I DON'T LIKE FISH!!

What is that all about?

Poached salmon, hot smoked mackeral fillets, tuna, smoked haddock.... I fancy all these things!?

How odd - I notice alot of other people comment about fish in their posts!

Why is this?

Kat xx
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I don't know if this is really the answer, it's just something I figured out.

Fish is;
low in calories
has 0% carb content
has lots of Omega-3 which is good for helping prevent heart disorders and strokes
is a great source of many minerals, including iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium and iodine.

So it's great for you on almost all terms, and so your body might crave it because it knows (sub-conciously from evolutionary factors) that it's a great food to have in your diet!

Just my theory :)
Interesting point Pete! I am sure my LLC said something along those lines whilst grinning like a cheshire cat at me! lol

Kat xx


Playing the Angel
Pete, you hit then ail on the head there

About Week 18 of abstinence I really started craving fish. Like you Kat, not something I ever really ate previously. Now I am hooked on it, eat it at least 3 times a week if not more. My body adores the stuff!!!

I have an allergy to shell fish so will avoid that when I start RTM.

Jez - when it says "any" fish - fresh, frozen or tinned. Does it mean those packs of hot smoked salmon and mackerel and the ones with peppercorns on etc...? That looks so lovely!

Kat xx
i think your body does crave what it needs.
i had been veggie for 10 years then while pregnant with my 2nd i started to crave fish really badly.

i really fought it as i had no intention of ever eating it again, but i eventually figured my body was trying to tell me i neede it and gave in.

(i still do eat it from time to time as it is so nutritionally good- tho would never dream of eating any meat -and have never craved it)#

daisy x
I love fish. I agree our body seems to want what is good for it nowadays.
Before my weight loss I never liked raw apple. Now I have applitis - can't get enough of them :greenapple::greenapple::greenapple::greenapple::greenapple::greenapple:
Something else I wouldn't have wanted before TESCO Light Choices Cottage Cheese.I adore it with rice crackers and squeezy marmite. Fave work lunch for me.
I am looking forward to cottage cheese with celery! Yum yum!

Hmmm even cottage cheese with pineapple and I would never have eaten that before!

I would quite like borad beans too please! lol I know it will be a few weeks before them!

I know some people do not like to talk bout the F word but I do! :)

Kat xx


Playing the Angel
I am big on the F word!!!

I had hot smoked salmon on day 2, normal smoked salmon, gravadlax, smoked mackerel, and all manner of fresh fish. Mostly sticking with tuna and salmon atm, as it is meaty, and I find most white fish in this country watery!! Looking forward to a good piece of proper blackened fish when I can have a bit of flour in my diet. What I am so enjoying with fish is that it is satisfying but does not make you full in the same way red meat does. I think I have only had red meat 3 or 4 times since starting RTM and I am usually a confirmed Carnivore!! Still crave it, still love it, but loving the fishies!!!!!!! Try turkey too, never ate it before and now I love it!! So low cal and tasty.

I was in Morrisons yesterday and whilst my sister was shopping I had a look at the fish counter and there was a pack of small pieces of hot smoked mackerel and salmon and it look delightful and I wondered if I would be allowed that in the first week!?

Kat xx
I am really looking forward to it!! Not long now!

Not only is it exciting that it is the new me, my new healthier life and my new body but all those new, exciting taste sensations!

Kat xx
- trouble is i sometimes 'mishear' my body and swear its telling me it needs carbs..and sugar..and fat..lol!
daisy x


Happy in my own skin
I've always enjoyed fish. Though post foundation I'm eating more than ever. Probably 90% of my meals contain fish. I've never been a great lover of red meat, though will eat it now and again. It's probably why I've been anaemic quite a few times in my life. Though now I'm getting my iron levels from green leavy veg...:)

Tonight it's salmon, tomorrow prawns, Wed it's mackrel....can you tell I love fish...:D
first thing I had on RTM was a lovely piece of steamed monkfish. My tastebuds loved it, even though it was so plain. Just felt like great honest food....that was really good for me.

Never used to have too much fish but have it at least 3 times a week. I make a mean low GI fish pie too)....mmmmmmm!
Planning on fish being my first meal on RTM! Used to love it and definitely looks good to me now.


Happy in my own skin
Oh RR, can I have that recipe for the low GI fish pie?....I sooo want to have fish pie..:D

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