What is Ketosis?


Hi Ya

I hear loads of people talking about going into ketosis on the sole source part of the plan. I havent signed up yet so I was wondering if you could tell me a bit about this. It sounds a bit scary!! lol
Hi Ya

Thanks so much. Its a bit technical isnt it!! lol

How do you know when you have went into ketosis? I hear lots of CDCs asking people if they are in Ketosis. Is it that you see your weight dropping or is it that you feel less hungry than the first few days of SS?

Sorry so many questions.
You do feel less hungry in ketosis, and you get a nasty taste in your mouth.

If you want to see you can buy 'ketostix' and test you wee to see (takes your mind off eating)
Just like to point out though that the nasty taste in your mouth isn't inevitable: I've been in ketosis for over 5 months and haven't had any problem with bad breath. :)
Is that the bad taste that they talk about with atkins as well? Ketostixs?? My man would probably have a coronary if he saw me going in to test my wee!! lol He would be like " Are you pregnant?" and his second question would be "Whos is it?" lol
Hi Claire,

Ketosis is when fat is being burned off rapidly by the body and it produces substances from the fat called 'ketones' and the person is said to be in 'ketosis'.

This mild 'ketosis' produced by a vlcd is called diatary ketosis and it has a nubmer of advantages for dieters in that it reduces hunger and a feeling of well-being is often experienced.

Ketones can be detected in the urine and this can provide encouragement that the body fat is being burned.

Ketones can sometimes be detected on the breath and this is only temporary and can be reduced by adequate water intake and mouth rinsing with a mouthwas like Oraldene or Listerine. I find myself a tongue scraper is a big help at the start as I seem to get a furry tongue...but this goes away and of course I still keep my flossing up as it is improtant.

Because the low sugar level is critical to maintaing ketosis, it is very important not to eat or drink anything else, apart from your daily servings of CD/LL/LT which ever programme you are following. You are allowed black tea and coffee and if you need a sweetener, it is recommended that you use tablets as the spoonable powders contain some sugar in order to make them spoonable.

It is ver important to drink plenty of fluid for your comfort.

If you cut down on carb a few days or a week before starting your vlcd it will make all the difference as you will not go through the withdrawal from carbs in the same way as if you go from a last supper into the diet.

Also you will go into ketosis much sooner.

Headaches in the first few days occur due to lack of fluid and carb withdrawal.

Love Mini xxx