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What is Scan Bran???


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It's a high fibre bran crispbread. Personally I've never tried it but I believe it's an acquired taste and good for keeping you ... erm ... regular, if you get my meaning! :sick0019:

You can buy it from at class or from Holland and Barrett.
Thanks for letting us know, Heard them talking about it in class earlier on this evening and didnt know what it was or where to get it from, maybe I will try it, if I dont like it I could always use it to insulate the loft rofl!!


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I tried to eat one on its own and it is impossible. With cheese or something on top it's something you can get used to. I got in the habit of having one a day with my HexA of cheese and I really noticed the difference in my... ahem... habits. Though recently I haven't had much shopping in and didn't have any cheese and so haven't eaten any and it's defintely affecting things.

So this morning I brought my one scan bran into work with me with the intention of just getting it down by hook or by crook, to get my system working again and discovered that I can dunk it in my tea and it soften it up enough to be able to eat it without any problem. OK, it's not the taste sensation of the century, but I'm really pleased to have it back in my diet again! Topping or no topping! :D


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Minging - that's what it is. Even my pet rats don't eat it and they eat their own poo!!!

But it's meant to be good so if you like it - go for it! Loads of recipes for it too x
Minging - that's what it is. Even my pet rats don't eat it and they eat their own poo!!!
ROFL! Love that!

Agree - I don't like it on its own but a fellow SWer made a cake with raisins & scan bran for class and it was lovely! I posted a thread about scan bran and some people have put lots of recipes in there to try! Give it a go!
On it's own it's not wonderful to say the least but in the cakes it's fine.

The chocolate cake is good and the carrot cake is also nice. Obviously they aren't like "real" cakes, but as they are pretty low on syns they can make a pretty good substitute.


Finding inspiration
Minging - that's what it is. Even my pet rats don't eat it and they eat their own poo!!!
My bunny LOVES it... and he is another self-poo eater! :rolleyes:

Whenver I sit down for my scan bran and cheese snack, he scrambles onto my lap and demands that I allow him to nibble all the edges off! :p


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I only have 2 Scan Bran a day (help's in the loo dept) but after reading about pet rat's and rabbit's and what they do.....it's going to be difficult to look at my Scan Bran now let alone eat it, LOL.......

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