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What is the best meat to eat?

Definitely chicken. Try and get some fish in a couple days too. I tried the quorn sausages yesterday and they were ok too. :)
I don't really like fish. I do like chicken, beef, lamb. I also love sausage sandwiches lol but with the weight watchers ones being £2 for 6 I have done without. A bit too expensive for my budget unfortunately.

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Most of the supermarkets do low fat sausages & they taste OK. I tend to go for lincolnshire sausages as they seem to be lower in fat than the others anyway.

I eat a lot of chicken, turkey & fish. About once per fortnight I'll have red meat (beef or lamb) which I love but unfortunately for me it triggers my IBS so its a real treat.

Quorn mince is OK so long as you add lots of flavour to it. x


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Do they do weight watchers sausages?? What r they like?
They're pretty nice, in my opinion. Think they do ordinary sausages and cumberland ones now in the WW range, if you can find them.
Tesco also do sausages in their light choices range, and there are of course quorn sausages.


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I like sainsburys butchers choice half fat sausages, 2 points each but very tasty
I brought some Richmond thick sausages from morrisons, I think there's 12 in the pack and work out at 3 pp each. Although there an extra point than ww ones there better value if your trying to save pennies!!


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I always find the Richmond sausages stay a little too "pink" for my liking, no matter how long I cook them for, my oh always questions if they are cooked properly!


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isn't it funny how everyone is different, i LOVE the weight watchers ones, 8 in a pack, have 4 at a time which is 6pp and with spuds, veg, yorkshire puds and gravy it makes a good meal :)
Thats exactly what I'm doing lol.... Mite have some sugar free jelly got made up in the fridge....not the same as a sausage but itl have to do lol

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