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What is the difference between Lipotrim and Cambridge Diet?

Hi All!

I am looking to start either Lipotrim or the Cambridge diet this week.

:) I am wondering what is the difference between the two?

:) What has the tastier meal replacements

:) Which is quicker at losing weight

Also, is it true Lipotrim you have around 1100 calories a day and Cambridge you have around 450 calories a day?

ALL advice would be much appriciated!

Many thanks,

Jo x
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I will be skinny again!!!
Hiya chick,

Nope Lipotrim you have like 450 calories a day

I think the losses are pretty much the same

I think cambridge costs more but it has more flavours and more variety xxx
Hi again!

Oh right, I phoned the lady at Lipotrim today and she said it was 3 shakes a day and they had 368 calories in each. I was thinking that was a bit high!

I think Cambridge is cheaper here its £37 a week and Lipotrim is £40 a week. Is that the same as you pay? Don't wanna pay more than I have to lol

Jo x


I will be skinny again!!!
hahah! oh god she doesnt havent a clue then!

Nope LT is a total of under 450 calories!

Hmm Im in Northern ireland and I paid £45 a week, But in england its mostly £36, but I guess its different everywhere!
No she obviously doesn't know what she is talking about lol. I think I am going to go with Lipotrim as CD has too many options and LT just seems v straight forward.

Have u finished LT now? You def don't look as tho u need to lose any weight in your pic!

Jo x


I will be skinny again!!!
Yeah ive been refeeding for 3 weeks now :)

It was really scary at first but Im loving it now!!

Yeah I find the straight forwardness of LT better, CD has alot of flavours and I would be scared of getting lost on it and the different flavours might have led me to stray lol!!
Yeah that is exactly what I was thinking, it's all or nothing with me so I'd rather have no choice (or v limited!).

I have never been this heavy so am so determined to shed all my extra weight and get back to a size 12 for the summer. Seen SO many lovely day dresses I want, so that's gonna be my motivation, gonna spend a fortune when I get there! My 1st target is 164lbs by May then 140lbs by July - hope I do it!!!

Jo x


maintaining since June'09
Hi Jo-Anne ... you can more or less rely on a stone a month - that'll be more in the first month of course - first week water loss etc. - but what you've said is certainly do-able.

If you're not in NI you shouldn't pay more than £36 - if they're trying to charge you more I'd go to a different pharmacy if I were you.

I believe Cambridge is about £39 - some people prefer the bigger choices but I find there's enough choice on LT for me. I don't think of it as food but as 'taking in my nutrients' so really the form/flavour doesn't matter too much to me.

Good luck and let us know how you get on whichever you decide to do! xx
wowzers we're getting ripped off here in the south!! goin by you £36 with the exchage rate it should be about 39euro but we pay 67euro a week?!?!?!?!?!? god darnit!! we get ripped off for everything here....didnt think diets would be different too!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr very angry!!


Gold Member
wowzers we're getting ripped off here in the south!! goin by you £36 with the exchage rate it should be about 39euro but we pay 67euro a week?!?!?!?!?!? god darnit!! we get ripped off for everything here....didnt think diets would be different too!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr very angry!!
Hey ad1987,,,,I'm in Dublin too! Yep our pharmacists are a rip off here. They are making a fortune on it.


Gold Member
Hey Jo-anne - Welcome! Good luck with starting! I think LT is the best diet ever! Keep posting here it really helps.


maintaining since June'09
NI pay £45 - rip off too IMO
Thanks everyone! Sorry u guys in Dublin are getting ripped off! Last time I went to Carlow the prices had shot up, couldn't believe it!

Thanks JanD - I'm going to give Lipotrim a go! Going in tomorrow and join up. What would u recommend, all shakes, or some soups? Not keen on vanilla or strawberry so have a feeling i'll be having plenty of chocolate flavoured milkshakes! Hope they taste ok! Do I need a blending machine, as just thrown mine out but can buy another tomorrow! eeek so excited about starting LT and so glad got u all here to give me advice and keep me motivated! Yay! :)


maintaining since June'09
The pharmacy will have shakers - they're £4.95. I use a stick blender for the soup coz you can't shake hot fluids - well not unless you fancy redecorating your kitchen walls ;) ..... I think it would be difficult to get it all dissolved with a fork but you could use a hand whisk ...?

I like the chicken soup (there's only the 1 you probably know) - I like everything actually so I dont have a problem. Don't write anything off because your taste will change - I couldn't stomach the peanut flapjack the first time I had one but I got one again this week for a change and it was fine.

Let's know how you get on!!


maintaining since June'09
PS ........ The pharmacy should take back and exchange anything you don't like ... check with them tomorrow.

Best of luck!
I'll get the shaker and i've just remember i lent my mum a hand blender so i'll have to get that back off her 2moro! Yeh I think i'll try and give everything a taste and as u said my taste will change so i won't write anything off. I'll let u know how I get on 2moro.

Do u think I'm going to have enough energy doing this as I start a night job in 2 weeks, doing 4 nights a week 10 hours a night and have a 3 year old son. I hoping it's going to give me more energy after the first few weeks???

Jo x


maintaining since June'09
I never got the energy boost other people report (still waiting! :)) however I work 3 x 9 hr nights every week so you WILL survive them I promise!

The 3 year old however ........... hmmmmmmmm ..... that's another story .... rather you than me ;):)


maintaining since June'09
PS (again!) I never got the energy boost but I have as much energy as I did before LT! x
Good luck on your journey with LT it does have its ups and downs as does any diet but this forum is brill! i go for my fifth weigh in tmw and i never thought id get this far but you get used to it after a while and i love all the shakes and the flapjacks my energy levels vary some days i can do loads but other days i feel exhausted!
deb x
Hahaha yeah he is harder work than nights, only joking he is a good boy, i'm v lucky!

It's good to know someone can survive working nights on LT i can't kid myself that I should give up because of that now haha!

Just looked at your weight loss, thats amazing well done! 47lbs is brilliant!!!

Jo x

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