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What is the heaviest you have been when you've flown?

Im really embarrassed to ask this but I am going on holiday on the 14th December and I am scared stiff that I won't be able to get the seatbelt done up on the plane.

Ive worked out that, with luck, I will be about 17.5 stone by then (although I'm desperately hoping for 16 stone something)

Has anyone flown at about that weight? I would love some advice.

Why oh why didn't I start this diet sooner?
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I hear you. I last lew a couple of months ago at about 25 stone and I was fine. I had an ailse seat and didnt even need a seat belt extension. If you get to check in early and ask for an exit seat you will have extra leg room too.

Good luck and enjoy your holiday! Where are you going?


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I am a flight attendant and want to reassure you that if your usual seat belt is a little tight or too uncomfortable or just wont reach you can have an extension seat belt - and its no problem - i KNOW 17stone is not the heaviest passenger I have had on board - by a long way- so relax and dont let this spoil the run up to your holiday

obviously your comfort depends on the size of seat and that in turn depends on what aircraft/ what airline but an aisle seat is always best as you have that extra bit of room - - not that you will need it hun - you will be fine - i promise

if you do need an extension seat belt dont be embarrassed to ask for it - - it is MUCH less embarrassing than being offered one IMHO

enjoy your flight and holiday and good luck with hitting your target of 16 something by then



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I have flown twice this year - first time in May and I was around 17.7 stone - seat was fine but seatbelt right at the end :eek: This was Ryan Air..... second time was with Thomson Fly and instead of loosing weight I'd gained even more:eek: and was 18 stone - seatbelt was fine with room to spare but width of seat was tight and sides dug into my legs - OK once take off was done cos I was sat next to my tiny 5 year old and could raise the arm of the chair....

So really in answer to your question it probably depends on the airline....

Hope this helps....


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chika mentioned exit seats

this might hurt peoples feelings but id rather i did it now and save anyone embrassement at check in desks - - - it is a Civil Aviation Authority rule ie law that an airline doesnt give emergency exit seats to anyone who is obese or cant move fast - - sorry but there is no easy way to say that - - - if they do it theyre breaking all sorts of laws - -


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OOPS i made a MAJOR error in my above post so if you read it before and thought WTF? i have edited it so please reread

( doh - - jet lag lol )


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Oh my god really, I didn't know that! I will have to remember next time I fly. But they did give me one twice on to and from new york this summer. Hopefully by my next holiday in December i will be much smaller and going first class so loads more room :)


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Slushy you aren't hurting anyon's feeling hun. its good to know. Thank god I didn't get outed from my seat, now that would have burned! I'm even more determined to get smaller before December! Also I've seen some mega bargain tickets but on very budget airlines (and I hear the seats are tiny) so that is another incentice to loose weight.
Thanks ever so much for your help guys.

We're flying out to Norway then going on a cruise round the arctic circle to hopefully see the Northern Lights - this is something I've always wanted to do, and was lucky enough to win it in a radio competition. I should be excited because we haven't had a "proper" holiday since the children were born (eldest is nearly nine!!) but instead i'm stressing about flippin' seatbelts.

Slushy - thanks for that - I will definitely ask for a seatbelt extension before I'm offered one. I can see that will be far less embarrassing :)


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its not up to you to know chika
they should know

its horrible and i mean REALLY horrible if ground staff ignore this rule then its left to the cabin crew to actually ask you to move - - so embarassing for everyone

for this reason cabin crew who arent doing the job properly might ignore it BUT if they had inspectors on their flights they would lose their licence to fly and have to retrain


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Thanks for the heads up! So can i just ask another question. Sorry to be a pain! Do they check by BMI or do they just do it by sight. I love my exit seats not cos I am wide just cos I am tall! I am sooo determined to shift this to avoid potential embarrassment on my next flight!


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chika mentioned exit seats

this might hurt peoples feelings but id rather i did it now and save anyone embrassement at check in desks - - - it is a Civil Aviation Authority rule ie law that an airline doesnt give emergency exit seats to anyone who is obese or cant move fast - - sorry but there is no easy way to say that - - - if they do it theyre breaking all sorts of laws - -
That is news to me!!

I have flown all over the World on all sorts of aircraft and have frequently had exit seats - at my heaviest of 23 stones - none of the airlines batted an eyelid!!:confused: BA. United Airlines, Air France, Lufthansa, SAA, KLM, British Midland, Air Malta, Britannia, American Airlines, Ryanair, Easyjet, etc, etc,

Also, only once did I ever need a seatbelt extension and it was on a British Midland flight from Durham Tees Valley to Heathrow - but so did my Mother who was 13 stones at the time!!! :confused:
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Restrictions Apply to aircraft exit rows where passengers could obstruct rapid egress ... or in anyway hinder the speedy evacuation of other persons.

An exit row is defined as a passenger row immediately adjacent to an aircraft door or exit.

The categories of passengers who must not be allocated seats adjacent to self help exits or emergency exits are as follows:

Handicapped persons including deaf and blind
Persons who are elderly or frail
Children and infants whether accompanied or not
Deportees or prisoners in custody
Obese passengers
Passengers travelling with a dog
Anyone who could cause an obstruction

this is in a manual called JAR OPS and applies to EVERY airline registered in europe
I flew recently on the world's smallest seats!!! I weighed in at 20 stone. The most embarrasing thing for me, wasn't the seat belt, in actual fact that did up no problem at all....it was trying to sit comfortably with a squirming infant on my lap!!!


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The heaviest i've flown at was around sixteen and a half stone. I didn't need an extension belt, but the 'regular' belt didn't have much more room left.

That's one of the great things about losing the weight - I now feel like I have loads of room on plane seats!

I'm sure you'll be fine, so try not to worry. :) Norway is the most beautiful, magnificent country i've ever visited!

Jo x


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im so jealous! would love to go to norway. have a wonderful time. i flew to america at ur weight and im only 5ft...the seat belt was fine. i flew back half a stone heavier and was still fine. have a lovely time!!!
Its not the seat or the belt, it's that stupid flipping lap tray! i can never make mine as flat as my OH's which really ticks me off!

Try not to worry honey, you will see all sorts on board, they'll be worrying about things too! try to relax and enjoy, it sounds fab!!!!
Someone once told me on minimins that after flying you weigh heavier?? is this true??

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