what is the judd diet plan?

Discussion in 'JUDDD / Intermittent Fasting' started by soozsb, 19 October 2009 Social URL.

  1. soozsb

    soozsb Xmas goal, here I come!

    I just came upon this thread and I was wondering how this diet works and is there a website that completely explains it? Thanks for any help.:)
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  3. Stirky7

    Stirky7 Believe!


    Yes the plan is fantasic I love it. Of course it doesn't suit everybody, what does, but those of us that are on it are doing great and really enjoying it.

    Basically you have a dd of no more than 500cals (you can use shakes/meal bars or calorie count your food, but make sure you don't go over). Then the next day you can eat what you want, within reason that is. Eat sensibly without stuffing. No foods are restricted both on up days and down days, although obviously healthy foods are always best, but if you want something a bit naughty you can have it on an up day, as long as you don't go mad ;)

    Here's the website:
    UpDayDownDay Diet™ Plan – How to Succeed

    Also have a look in the diary section on this juddd forum and you'll see what us lot are eating both on up and down days.

    Take care x
  4. soozsb

    soozsb Xmas goal, here I come!

    THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for getting back to me, and so quickly too. I am going to take a look at the diaries and then I think I am going to try the diet. Thanks again and congratulations on your success and I wish ;you continued success. One question:
    On the down days , do you ever feel like you're starving? and how would you deal with it?:D
  5. Aaleigha

    Aaleigha Gold Member

    Down days are a LOT easier than I thought they would be
    I do feel cold on them
    if I feel I need to eat in the evenings (it is cravings not hunger) then I go and have a bath and go to bed early with a book

    many of us find not eating for as long as possible in the day suits us best
  6. miss jelly tot

    miss jelly tot CWP Consultant

    Hi sooz. I find my DDs easier than UDs. If you keep your liquid uptake up you wont be starving. I normally have my first food around 4pm as I am not hungry before that. Just listen to your body and eat when your hungry not just because its that time of day. Good luck
  7. Stirky7

    Stirky7 Believe!

    Yep it's strangley true, down days are A LOT easier to stick to then the up days. Since I started this plan I can honestly say I haven't cheated at all on a down day, I've stuck with them 100%. It really does work knowing you can 'have it tomorrow'. Up days you have to be careful with as it would be quite easy to go over the top, so just eat in moderation and make sure you don't eat too much. Although don't go without, if you want something have it. You may find at first on your up days you don't feel like eating too much, then the next week they may go in the opposite direction that you want to eat everything in sight, but they do level off so you feel more in control and can eat normally and sensibly.

    On down days like aaleigha and Jelly said it's better to wait as long as possible before eating. I tend to eat at about 2pm, or later if poss. I break it down into 5 x 100cal meals/snacks usually so I can spread it out a bit rather than eat the whole allowance in one go. I've never been starving on a down day, bit hungry sometimes going to bed, but I just have an early night and look forward to breakfast :) Drink lots of water, that really does help.

    Good luck x
  8. Caroline_Louise

    Caroline_Louise Gold Member

    Hi Guys,
    Looking for a little advice and reassurance that this diet is the way to go! Basically I started Cambridge Diet and lost 1st 6lbs but have found maintainance nigh on impossible and gained 7lbs back :-( However hard I try I just can't stick to it every day again now for some reason, and it is getting me down, not to mention getting my bank balance down too with all the products! I think JUDD could be the way forward for me as I know I can manage a restricted calorie some days, just not every day!
    I ahve been on the JUDD website and used the calorie calculator but am slightly anxious as it seems that I can eat nearly 2500 on an 'up' day, thats seems like a hec of a lot! Perhaps someone could help me and see what you think I should be on?
    I am 5ft7 and currently 10st7lbs (would liek to get back to 10st and maintain.) I run 5miles at least 4 days a week as well as a little weight training (on the website i put moderately active i think.) I am happy that on a DD i woulod have 450-500cal as thats basically 3 of my cambridge shakes and maybe a salad too but i do not want to over do the up days.

    Anyway, apologies for the rambly message but I would reeeeally appreciate some guidance form an 'expert!'
    Thanks xxx
  9. bajoleth

    bajoleth Gold Member

    Hi and welcome, the numbers on the website are just for guidance really, if I were you I would even it out to the one size fits all 500/2000, especially if you think 2500 is high, its probably giving you that due to the exercise, I would try and aim for 2000 though as UP days are there for a reason , UP days are there to be enjoyed you don't have to eat junk to reach your target, don't think low cal think healthy, not all healthy foods are low cal, make sure you allow yourself treats as remember you are not actually dieting on UP days, its only a part time diet x Good luck and any questions ask away x
  10. Caroline_Louise

    Caroline_Louise Gold Member

    Thank you so much for such a speedy and helpful response, i really appreciate it! I think what you have said sounds entirely sensible and 'do-able' so i shall stick to those guidelines.

    Just one more question if i may before i kick start this, if social situations or work etc dictate that i can't do a 'down day' can i sort of store them up? By which i mean for example i am away on a two day coference in september so could i do two 'up' days and then two 'downs' when home? I was sort of looking at it that over two weeks 7 days should be at 500cal and 7 at 2000, ideally alternating but however it can be realistically achieved. Does this soud OK?
  11. bajoleth

    bajoleth Gold Member

    Hi 2 DD s together is not recommended due to the risk of storing fat due to the body thinking its in starvation mode, however if you need to do 2 then as a one off you should be fine, as for 2 UP days together I have these every week, they are perfectly acceptable and what make this diet perfect for me, I have sat and sun as UP days and I don't track at all on those days. So if you need to have 2 UPs there is no need to follow it up with 2 DDs does that make sense. I wipe out any gain from my 2 UPs after my first DD , thats how the diet works x
  12. Caroline_Louise

    Caroline_Louise Gold Member

    OK thats great, thanks. I think i just have Cambridge so ingrained in me its a bit hard to get my head around the concept of actually eating 'normally!' I shall be starting tomorrow as an UP as im out all day at alton towers, and i will take it from there and see what happens. Im off ln holiday next wk and this has goven me hope that i can actually enjoy some nice greek cuisine some days without putting on stones!

    Thanks again for your help, I'm sure i will be reappearing to say hello and/or with questions every now and the . This forum is invaluable!!
  13. laurenmay

    laurenmay Gold Member

    Hi caroline :) I remember you from the CD boards when I was on them ages ago! I'm switching to JUDDD tomorrow too, and starting on an UD as well. Good luck! :)
  14. Caroline_Louise

    Caroline_Louise Gold Member

    Hey lauren, i remember u too!! I lost a good amount of weight on cd but keeping it off is proving a real ball ache to say the least so i am hopig JUDD is the way forward, we'll see! Best of luck to you too :)
  15. sonia doll

    sonia doll Full Member

    Good luck. I'm on a vlcd right now and may be following suit after a week or so.

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