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What is the real reason we're on a VLCD cd


Wants to be slim!
Fast results and ease of product.

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
lack of temptation and faster weight loss. :)
i absolutley agree i cant be trusted with food its all or nothink with me
For me it's mainly the fast results. I just find it so hard to diet when there's food involved because I'm such a fussy eater.
Fast results, have a whole country's worth of weight to lose and this was the least daunting option, plus the distance form any sort of food decison is good :) and i get all my vits and minerals so hair and nails thriving :)
For me it is not so much easy but the best diet for me -I am obsessed with scales which I know is not good when your on a diet but I feel so good when a see the pounds fly off xx
Faster loss, which means I'm more likely to stick to it. I have a lot to lose and I found other diets so demoralising when I only lost half a pound, it seemed as though it would take a lifetime and I would eventually give in.
Same as other def the fast results as i dont want to be stuck on a diet forever but do want to change my eating habbits for ever.

Also now i am settled into the diet and i dont find food tempting in anyway its all or nothing for me and i am quite enjoying it in a wierd way!
Fast results
You cant really do it wrong
I have 2 jobs and have no time to prepare healthy meals
Takes the brain work out of it
By not allowing anything it means I dont have that one piece of chocolate that leads to a full on binge
As I have a gastric band the cd suits me as I was on a liquid diet pretty much anyway. It was the liquids I was choosing that was the problem :(

Laura x

mrs r-b

is loving the sunshine!
I wanted to see results straight away - I have tried WW and other calorie control diets but as the results are slow I loose motivation and thus fall off the wagon. CD is great for fast weight loss, and has helped with my confidence as I had started to get down about my weight. One stone and a half to go and I'll be at target so I can't wait! Started back on Monday after 2 weeks break (due to holiday abroad) and am determined to carry on with the diet then maintain afterwards.
Fully agree Mrs r-b, I have lost 1.5 - 2 stones many times before, but it normal takes 3 or 4 months or more, I then come off it and then slowly put all back on. I been holding off going back on a diet because I just don't want to go through that cycle again.

I wanted to lose weight for health and fitness reasons but I could not bare watching every last item I eat. So CD is great I see faster results and it takes temptation away (to a degree, I just need to ban everyone else from eating in the house)
I read a post once from a guy who lost over 10 stone on this diet and he said that he viewed the packs as medicine. That has always helped me deal with it because I will always have an 'illness' when it comes to food, I am unable to go on conventional diets because I have no portion control and taking food out of the equation is the only option for me to lose the weight i need to lose
- Saw it work amazingly well for a friend and she has kept the weight off!
- Low calorie diets do not work for me either and it is too easy to cheat.
- You have a structured plan to follow.
- The weight comes off!
- Feeling of empowerment - I am really doing something for me!!

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