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what is the theory behind slimfast? is it bcos liquid digests quicker than food?


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what is the theory behind slim fast? Why do we have to drink the milkshakes? What is the difference between having a 1000 kcal diet eating muesli for breakfast, low fat sandwich for lunch and low cal dinner adding to 1000 kcals Or doing slim fast where we have 2 shakes and a dinner adding to 1000 cals> is the whole theory behind slim fast, the fact that the shakes digest quicker because its liquid and makes digestion faster so you get quicker loss?
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As far as I'm aware you wouldn't lose faster or slower if your 1000 calories came from food - but you would have to do lots of extra weighing and measuring to make sure you were right on the calories. I think the idea with slimfast is it takes a lot of the effort of calorie counting away. It might also have some extra vitamins in it which it could be hard to get in 1000 cals of food.

Just my idea, correct me if anyone knows differently.


has to be done this year
Thanks for that rosebug. I see what your saying, the concept of Slimfast is that the shakes are a meal replacement and wont have any effect on loosing the weight quicker. I just presumed that when you replaced meals with shakes u could loose weight quicker because its liquid based and therefore will digest quicker then a bowl of pasta or sandwich... I'm currently doing weight watchers points diet and having a 2 pound weight loss a week and wondering if i did SlimFast having breakfast which would be a bowl of muesli and a slimfast shake for lunch and dinner, would this speed up the weight loss to either 2.5-3 pound loss a week? I'm tempting to try this for 2 weeks and see how much I loose. if the weight loss is the same, i will go back to ww...


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Pixar.... i do that very thing...im following ww discovery plan but have one sf shake a day which when made up according to the tin is 3.5 points. X

Stephie77 xxx


has to be done this year
oh hi stephie 77, is it 3.5 points? thats quite good. You could just have that for lunch or breakie, have u seen a better loss when since using sf?
The nutrients from liquid can be absorbed faster. But these shakes are just full of sugar and carbs, so not very good for you, the only reason they work is because of the low calories your consuming, your better off with a high protein diet shake, protein is much better for you especially if you are exercising. Or just stick to a low carb low fat diet and lower your calorie intake, start exercising to burn off more calories than your taking in, just make sure you get the nutrients you need.


has to be done this year
thanks for the info Emma. I was wondering do you know where i can get meal replacement milk shakes with low sugar and all the nutritional stuff, also at a good price? I'm planning on doing one meal (breakfast and 2 shakes a day and don't want to consider Slim Fast due to the high sugar. I know theres herbal life and few other liquid ones, but find they fairly expensive and also don't want to join a class, do u know if Holland and Barret or GNC have what I'm looking for?
Tescos do their own liquid meal replacement milkshake powders I believe :) quite reasonably priced too and sometimes they do 3 for 2 xx
I would get phd diet shake, and take a good multivit, with a balanced meal. Or a diet protein shake. Otherwise boots do a diet which is meal replacements, they are about £2 shake. I don't know if theses are any good though.


has to be done this year
thanks emma ile have a look out

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