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What is the Tony Ferguson programme?

They have a 40+ plan for BMIs over 40 where you can eat as well as the shakes so Im hoping I will successful

I've been on the plan for a few days - and so far am finding it really straightforward.

Although it isn't a VLCD, there are soups, shakes and bars to eat and two meals per day are replaced with these packs. One meal a day is protein based, and certain vegetables are unlimited, also allowed are 2 portions of fruit per day and around 2 portions of healthy fats per day (nuts, avocado's, olive oil etc).



I was well into ketosis, it should do depending on how your body reacts to the plan but because the carb intake is so low, you should go into ketosis.


Very helpful intro. Would love to hear how people are getting on with the programme! Am trying to decide which plan to start in the new year...


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I have just bought the stuff from boots, but I have to say that the staff were appalling!

in my local store the HCA was very honest and said 'its been so long since I did the course, I cant remember much, but I'll help you as much as I can...' as I was going to another town later that day I asked her to check if anyone there was trained so I could get the initial info off them, and buy the packs from my local store.

they rang ahead and yes someone was trained...

omg, it was emabrrassing, she had no idea about the diet at all, kept saying how discusting it all tasted (having sone lipotrim before I had no qualms about flavour, to be honest, barely palatable is best as it stops you wanting more of the shakes).

she basically refused to weigh and measure me as it was too complicated, so she asked a pharmacist (who hadn't even done the TF course) to weigh and measure me, I found out the HCA did not know how to do the BMI on a calculator - DOH! (after someone has gone throught it with you once this really is a no brainer!) in the end even the pharm measured and weighed me with my shoes and coat on! (guess who's gonna have a great first weigh in! lol)

at the end of the torture, I mean consultation, i asked about the training and support that is offered, and she just said, oh yeah you get all that too, and I asked how I logged on to the website, there must be a password or member number or something, otherwise just anyone could log on, and she scratched her head for several minutes before presenting me with a pink card with a number on.

no follow up appt was made, no advice, no good luck, just an apology for being useless, yes, she actually apologised for being useless.

so I now have all the gear and no idea! lol time to get reading of the book.

I'd be interested in hearing others stories of how there local store is.

happy New Year to all,



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Oh dear that sounds like a horrid experience, there is online support on the TF site if there is anything you need to know. The reason i'm doing this diet as apposed to slimfast is for the weigh ins and the support. I hope my local boots are better but still feel really sorry that you had to go through all that.
Did you go into a room, please tell me this isn't done on the shop floor? Well lets see how i get on, i shall be reporting in on Wednesday to let you know.


a new way of living!
Lol. Yeah I was weighed and measured in a side room, but all the 'not sure what I'm doing' was on the shop floor. According to boots website, they are supposed to go through it with you step by step. I think I'll just order online in future and weigh at home.

I hope you do it or else I'll be on here on my own surrounded by tumbleweed!

Good luck.


I didn't realise that Boots did all that! I just went in, picked up the folder, picked up a weeks worth of shakes and went on my merry way. Perhaps if they did all of that then I would have stuck to it.

It is easy, I wasn't hungry in the slightest, but the taste of the packs leaves a bit to be desired - the soups in particular weren't very nice -but then not many of these things are wonderfully tasty.

Will keep a look out to see how you're getting on



a new way of living!
Well I'm defo steering clear of the soups and mint choc and caramel! I like the cafe late, wildberry, choc and the jelly, I tried the munch bars but I wasn't impressed, I have the promax bars from GNC instead, at least they taste like chocolate! Nam nam.

What is your favourtie flavour?
I think I'll get phone calls from them, I'll ring them when I get back from my weekend away.

oh i'm boring - chocolate shakes are about the only thing I can stomach - I'm the same with all the shake based diets I've tried!

I didn't try the jelly, how have you found that?



a new way of living!
The jelly is quite nice, a little different to the usual sugarfree stuff, there is a little fibre in it which seems to settle on the bottom as a bit fluffy, its like having fluffy fruit, its different but nice.

I have a dessert at home but not made it yet, there is also a brownie recepie with the shakes, not tried that either yet.

The mint is not good, and I love mint usually.


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