What is Your Affirmation for Today?


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Does anyone else use affirmations? Affirmations can be great little reminders and motivators to help us through our challenges in life.

Today mine has been:

I love and approve of myself
I appreciate all that I do
I am good enough just as I am
I speak up for myself
I ask for what I want
I claim my power

A great sisterfriend sent me a beautiful email this morning that reminded me of my purpose and I felt really great and alive so went over to my Louise Hay Power Cards and that was the first one that I picked up. It has been really apt for me today...:)
Today, mine are:

"If not now, then when?"


"I, alone, am responsible for my own happiness."

These are just phrases that are floating round my head - I have no idea where they came from, but I'm very glad that they are there!
Mine is: 'See the positives in every challenge and make sure you tell the people that matter to you why they're important'

God has brought some majorly powerful people into my life, and it's time I said thank you and got off my butt and worked to my potential.
I think the one I'll have today (and it might even spill over into tomorrow as it's already after 6pm) is ...

Positive things happen to positive people.

Don't know if I heard that somewhere or just made it up -but I'm making a conscious effort not to let negativity creep into my life. :)

Debbie x​
Oh Isobel, you do make me chuckle. You'll have to go you know;)

I am strong
I have made huge steps towards a healthier happier life.
I can continue to move forward today..and maybe tomorrow ;)

Blimey...that was hard. Can we have an easier question tomorrow :D
Going to bed now as main thought is
'Can I get away with bombing lovely husbands horrible family???'
'I must appreciate my family much more'

Night all!!
My affirmation is the one I started with last November and is still stuck on my kitchen wall.

I am a strong and caring woman.
I will travel this journey to it's end.

A famous woman(can't recall!) also quoted something along the lines of:

"You have to be lying down.... to be walked on!"
In the crazy school I worked in a couple of years ago, we had loads of them plastered all over the walls. Another goody,but I can't remember who said it, was -

"If you clench your fist, no one can put anything into your hand"
"You have to be lying down.... to be walked on!"

Great one. Hadn't heard that one before.

One of my favourites is "We teach others how to treat us"

Scary...but true
For me it has to be 'I am going to treat myself the way I would my best friend'; I wouldn't moan at her for being overweight or tell her how useless she is for breaking her diet, or look at her and tell her she looks like a big fat blob. If she made a mistake I would forgive her and we would move on. If she was dieting I would encourage and support her, not tell her how impossibly difficult it is. If she felt down I would cheer her up, not try and ram a bar of chocolate in her mouth. I could go on and on.......
Barb - talk about hitting the nail on the head!!!

Mine for today is....I forgive myself.

As I forgive myself, I leave behind all feelings of not being good enough and I am free to love myself.

Very profound today!