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What is your favourite meal/snack on SW?


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Mine so far cost 4 syns but was worth it. It was a big Salad topped with Chicken that I cooked in fry light and then added 2 tbs of maple syrup and cooked until sticky. It was really good.:eating:

ETA: Was enough for 2 people so if doing for yourself would just add 1 tbs of maple syrup thus being only 2 syns.
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lol i got so many sw chips with chilli cannelloni ice cream made in ice cream maker meat balls with a creamy tom sauce the choclate cake from recipie page oh i could go on for ever all made sw style :)


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SW Chips are definitely great!! Mullerlights are good for sweet cravings! So are party sized chocolates, they are usually 3-4 syns!

eggs are good 2, omlettes + scrambled eggs are really filling! All free done with fry light!

Grapes and Strawberries are nice 2! Bananas are a good brekkie if your in a rush! x
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my fave meal is bacon,egg,beans,mushrooms,tomato and low fat sausage.
my fave snacks r mini milks 1.5 syns each


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OMG minimilks are only 1.5 syns?!?!! That is amazing.... I love them!
I'm craving scrambles eggs, beans and toast from HEB. Can't believe it's all free! Well apart from the toast. Mad!!
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seperate all the eggs
mix the yolks with 1/2 tub of the quark, baking powder, vanilla extract & 4 tbsp sweetner & whisk

in a seperate bowl whisk the egg whites until stiff
then whisk half of the egg white into the other mixture then fold in the rest of the egg whites

bake in oven 180 degrees 15-20mins
then leave to cool, mix the 1tsbp sweetner you have left with theother 1/2 of the quark and spread onto the cake, slice your fruit and spread out on the cake then roll into like a swiss roll and there you go!!
you can always add options drinks sachets to the quark filling to make it chocolatey they are 2 syns a sachet. i sometimes add the white choc one, this certainly helps my sweet cravings

also i love diet coke chicken with salad its off www.slimmingeats.com website its so nice!!


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My fave meal on EE is Steak with a jacket pot (or SW chips) and Peas with mushrooms and tomatoes Mmmmmmmmmm

i also love gammon with lots of veg

or my version of a roast, chicken, peas, cabbage, carrotts, leeks and frylite roasted potatoes with some gravy (I use granuals and syn them)

snacks i like fruit, but if im being naughty then a curly whirly is only 6syns and feels like such a treat!


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Snackwise- Scan bran cake is pretty awesome and takes about 15 minutes to make + counts as a HEB plus a few syns (I think it's 9 syns for the whole thing or 6 syns plus HEB - can anyone confirm?:D). Fromage frais with Options mixed through it is yummy + 2 syns for the Options. Ryvitas (HEB) with laughing cow (HEA) and smoked salmon.. mmmmmm! Tinned mackerel is really good on toast (HEB) + have heard of people using it as a jacket potato filling, or yummy on their own :) Mikados are good too 1/2 a syn each + the smallest boxes only have around 20 in them so even if you finish a whole box it's still pretty low in syns ;)

Mealwise- there are loads of recipes on here that I've tried, most of them have been really good. There's a really easy chicken curry recipe, it's free if I remember correctly and yummy with SW chips or rice + salad. Can't pick my favourite SW meal! It's a toss up between risotto and the pub style dinner I do with steak, corn on the cob, prawns + SW chips!


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Ainsley Harriot cous cous!! 1.5 syns per made up pack and all you have to do is poor boiling water on and leave for 5 mins!!

Great as a snack or as part of a meal! I had 1/2 a pack today with loads of roasted SF veg!! Yummy!


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