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What is your favourite SF product?

Mine has to be the strawberry shake powder :D Love it! I have a strawberry shake every morning for breakfast, I always thought I'd like the choc one better as I've always been a choc addict and never really been into strawberry flavoured stuff, but the strawberry SF shake is so gorgeous, always want more lol! Even when I was off SF I'd still have that for breakfast sometimes :)
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I hate the vanilla too! Totally vile! Got a tin just to try it and hated it so much, but me being me couldn't waste it and just throw it out, so had choc & vanilla shake and strawberry & vanilla, they were pretty good although I've never bought a tin of vanilla again!
Vanilla is my favourite but i'm addicted to vanilla anyway! I love the banana and the banoffee shakes but not yet bought a tin of banana powder. I find strawberry too flavourless!
Lol funny how we all like different falvours! I've never liked vanilla flavour anything although thought I'd try the sf, but I really hate banana flavour anything so never tried the banana Sf as know I won't like it. Funny as I love bananas, but only if I eat them on their own. Can't have banana with anything (say ice cream) or banana in anything (banana cake, banana milkshake etc etc!!!). Weird huh!
i can sort of see where you are coming from on the banana thing, sometimes things with banana in have that horrible synthetic taste. I have to say I was incredibly happy when I saw that there was vanilla SF I completely love it. I just love the scent of vanilla and I read somewhere vanilla and peppermint can work to suppress appetite as well.
i'm definatly with you there Lisa :banana dancer::banana dancer::bananalove::bananalove::bananalove::bananalove::bananalove::banana dancer::banana dancer:

cant stand the chocolate though :yuk:
I love the fruits of the forest meal bars. I also like the strawberry sf powder.
I don't like the ready made drinks though they have this horrible smell, puts me right off.


One day at a time :)
This is helpful! I am going out to Asda tonight to get all my food for the next week and just discovered my lodger has slim fast sometimes because he doesn't eat veggies and he's an extremely fussy eater so has it on top of the cheese, bread, chips etc that he does eat to help get his nutrients in.

By the way, ASDA have the tins on offer for 2 for £7 right now. I will be having some fun picking my snacks! I think I'm going to go for the banana and strawberry for my starting week... we'll see how those go :D

Sorry - I've rambled... I'll leave now!
Good luck with it Chocolatecat, hope you have a great first week, and thanks for the info on the Asda offer. Always great to stock up when they are on special! x
Yes mine isn't that close, never go to Asda although may have to make a special trip :)
I love the strawberry/vanilla/chocolate. I dont like banana...Grossy lol Never had the powder...i bet thats alot cheaper?
Hmm i will have to buy some then. I love other powder drinks so sounds like a deal! Do you have to mix it with skim or can you use 2% cuz i hate skim :-S
Yes definitely go for the powder, cheaper and nicer! Skimmed milk is best and in my opinion you won't be able to tell the difference, especially if you blend it up with ice cubes!
Hmm very good tip..would save the calories also.. You gave me the confendence to try it! i will go ahead and buy a half gallon and try it lol Anyway to save some calories right?! lol
Lol yes, save those cals and use them as a snack lol! Good luck with it, sure you'll love it!


One day at a time :)
I love the banana powder. I find the choc one very synthetic and I haven't tried the strawberry one yet (ASDA didn't have any left!) I'm not into vanilla drinks so I don't imagine I'd like the vanilla flavour. I did like the SF take on a mars bar but found it to be a waste of 90cals and will ony have 1 or 2 in the house for the case of a choc emergency!
Yes those SF choc bars are nice, but very small I also thought they were a waste. If I fancy chocolate I'd rather have a kit kat or breakaway etc. I did find some tesco value caramel wafer bars, only 80 cals each and cheap too lol!

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