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What I've realised is.........

As an ex Slimming World member you all know their thing is eat as much "free food" as you like!

Well I've been amazed how many times I've said to myself as I've been pottering about in the kitchen I'll just have a crab stick, piece of ham, hard boiled egg, few grapes, strawberries the list is endless (although the thought of crushing a few fresh strawberries into my strawberry shake was very tempting today) I normally would just pop what ever it was automatically into my mouth cos it's "free"

Although these are free food it made me realise just how many extra cals I've been having just because it's there and it's free :eek: These were just my bits to snack on and as I am at home all day snack I did all day long! So much so that when it came to my meal times I didn't fancy anything so consequently just ate junk in an evening.

So for me when my journey is over I think I've got to make a rule if it's not part of a meal it doesn't go in my mouth!

Hope this makes sense.

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Yes makes sense to me. I could never get my head around slimming world. I always sued to go for the naughtiest 'free' options such as chips, chips and more chips! I realised I wasn't re-educating myself about food at all. Still eating when I wasn't hungry, making weird cakes out of weetabix, basically anything I could do to get my overeating fix. Naturally slim people don't eat that way. They eat more or less what they want but they know when to stop and how to eat in moderation. Slimming world didn't teach me that at all. I know its an amazing diet for some people but it wasn't for me!


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I agree, I think one of the great things about exante (apart from the amazing weight loss of course!) is the fact that by taking food out of the equation you start noticing the times you get the urge to eat - when you're bored, in a bad mood, its a saturday night, etc, etc, etc. None of the other diets I've done have made me think about this because when I've had the urge, I've just automatically eaten - either something I was 'allowed' or something I wasn't!


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OMG Starlight :D you mad me laugh! You are a real star love!!! 1900 bloody kcal!:8855:


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SO how on earth do people lose wight on SW?? confused!


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SO how on earth do people lose wight on SW?? confused!
Its effectively a low fat diet. As long as you're not eating 15 jacket potatoes a day you will probably lose on it, but it doesn't teach you not to stuff your face. Anything with 'unlimited' food is not good for me as I take advantage!


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my mum does SW and has been yo -yo ing on it for practically the last 5 years!! she loses around 2 stone then goes on hol puts some on then starts again but it takes her that year till the next hol to lose the stone or whatever she had put on!!! she loses around 1lb a week and it purely because she eats loads...but as she says 'its all free' lol!


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I don't understand SW either. I've never done it before but a woman at my work is on it and she seems to eat HUGE portions at break times - At least enough for two people. The other day she had what looked like a full tub of mince with various veg through it. She also told me about the "free" foods and that you can have as much pasta, potatoes, etc, as you want, you just have to balance it out with vegetables. Definitely don't think it would work for me.

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